What is the Difference Between Area and Perimeter? 

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Difference Between Area and Perimeter

The main difference between Area and Perimeter is that the area is the total surface area of the figure and Perimeter is the total boundary length of the figure. However, there are many other aspects of the differences between the two.

In this blog, here is the list of differences between area and perimeter, on the basis of different 2D figures. 

What is Area?

Area in terms is the total surface occupied by any closed figure. It is measured in terms like cm² and m². The “Area” is calculated only for a two-dimensional figure. It can be measured for any 2D figure such as circle, triangle, square, rectangle, parallelogram, and trapezium. Any calculation for other figures cannot be termed ‘Area of a surface”.

In three three-dimensional figures, the area of the surface is termed the surface area.

What is a Perimeter?

“Perimeter” in terms is known as the total boundary of a Two-dimensional figure. It is termed in figures like centimetres, meters, inches, or feet. It is calculated by adding all the dimensions that enclose a figure.

There can be many real-life implications of Calculating the Perimeters. For example, if you want to put a fence on the boundaries, you have to calculate the perimeter of your enclosed garden area.

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Area and Perimeter Formulas 

Here are the formulas for calculating the Area and Perimeter of different surfaces:

2D Shape Area Formula
Perimeter Formula
CircleA = π × r2, where ‘r’ is the radius of the circle and ‘π’ is a constant whose value is taken as 22/7 or 3.14Circumference (Perimeter) = 2πr
TriangleArea = ½ (Base × height)Perimeter = Sum of the three sides
SquareArea = Side2Perimeter = 4 × side
RectangleArea = Length × WidthPerimeter = 2 (Length + Width)    

What is the Difference between Area and Perimeter?

Other than knowing the basics of the two terms, here’s how Area and Perimeter can be differentiated:

Particulars Area
DefinitionThe space occupied by a closed plane in a 2D figure is called an area. The total length of the outer boundary of a closed shape. 
MeasurementSquared units. Units
ExampleArea of tiling the floorThe perimeter of fencing in the garden 

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What is the difference between area and perimeter?

The main difference between area and perimeter is that the area is the total surface occupied by a 2D figure and the perimeter is the total length of the boundary of the figure.

Which is a bigger area or perimeter?

The perimeter of any surface is bigger than its area.

What is the perimeter of a circle?

The perimeter of a circle is 2πr.

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