Lesser Known Facts About iPhone

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Interesting Facts About iPhone

Introduced by Steve Jobs in 2007, the iPhone is widely regarded as the world’s first legitimate smartphone. Moreover, the world continued to be significantly impacted by the iPhone. It was well received by the public right away and is still well-liked today. Read this blog to learn some Interesting Facts About iPhone. 

5 Amazing Facts About iPhone

Additionally, here are 5 Amazing Facts about the iPhone:

  1. The iPhone, which is considered the first smartphone in the world, is not the first in the world. IBM Simon, which was released in 1994, was the first smartphone.
  1. When the iMac was first released in 1998, the internet was a novel idea, as indicated by the letter “i” in the names of Apple products.
  1. Apple’s smartphone processor is made by Samsung, the second-largest smartphone manufacturer in the world, even though they are competitors! 
  1. Moreover, it was named “Invention of the Year” by Times Magazine in 2007.
  1. When the iPhone was being developed, it was codenamed “Purple,” and the developers’ area at Apple headquarters was known as the “Purple Dorm.”

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Did You Know?

Furthermore, did you know about these Facts about iPhones? 

  1. Antennagate was the term given to the widespread issues that users encountered following the release of the iPhone 4.
  1. Apple’s iPhone has a share of 22% of the smartphone market, which makes it the biggest shareholder in the market.
  1. After its successful launch, a significant portion of the American media referred to the iPhone as “the Jesus Phone.”
  1. Steve Jobs joked about ordering 4,000 lattes at a local Starbucks in his first iPhone call.
  1. Lastly, it is said that Apple users download an average of 51 apps per minute.


Was the iPhone the first smartphone ever?

No, the first smartphone was IBM Simon, released in 1994, predating the iPhone by over a decade.

Who manufactures Apple’s iPhone processors?

Samsung, despite being a competitor, manufactures Apple’s smartphone processors.

What was the iPhone codename during development?

The iPhone was codenamed “Purple” during its development phase at Apple headquarters.

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