What is the ASC Full Form?

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ASC Full Form

While thinking about the military and soldiers, we picture men dressed in uniform with guns in hand fighting for the nation. No doubt, soldiers are the first line of warriors for every country. However, some army officials remain unnoticed but still play an equally important part in this service sector. They are involved in providing food, fodder, transport, and fuel to the army. This blog covers ASC full form and the role of ASC in the military. Continue reading this blog to get more insights about the role of ASC!

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ASC Full Form

The full form of ASC is Army Service Corps. It is the branch of the Indian Army solely responsible for providing food, fuel, fodder, and transport to the Navy, Army, Air Force, as well as other paramilitary forces.

Army Service Corps are the unsung heroes that work for the smooth functioning of the military by providing them with the necessary things to survive even in difficult conditions. Thus, ASC are responsible for maintaining the logistical and supply chain of the army officials.

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Key Responsibilities of ASC

Mentioned below are the main responsibilities of the Army Service Corps:

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Other ASC Full Forms

Given below are some of the other full forms of ASC:

  • American Society of Cinematographers
  • Area Service Committee
  • Administrative Service Center
  • Automated Sequence Controller
  • Air Separation Column
  • Application Service Center
  • Advanced Scientific Computing
  • Academic Standards Committee

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This was a crisp brief about the full form of ASC. We hope, you got all the information you were looking for related to ASC full form. Don’t miss out on checking our alphabetically arranged 300+ full-forms list here. Enjoy Reading!

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