Education of Manmohan Singh – “Life is Never Free of Contradictions”

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Education of Manmohan Singh

Of all personalities who served as the Prime Ministers of India, Manmohan Singh is perhaps the most popular one for his role in getting the country out of the economic collapse in 1991. Materializing his policies, the country moved dramatically out of the crisis. His groundbreaking work in the field of Economics has won him accolades in India and abroad. The education of Manmohan Singh has been central to his role as an academician to an Economist later to be shouldered with the responsibility of heading the country. 

Profile of Dr Manmohan Singh

On 26 September 1932, in Gah, Punjab, Dr Manmohan Singh was born to Gurmukh Singh and Amrit Kaur. He lost his mother at a very young age and after that, he was raised by his paternal grandmother, with whom he shared a close bond. From being a keen student of Economics to becoming the first non-Hindu Prime Minister of India, his journey is marked by various achievements which anyone would desire to have. The education of Manmohan Singh is central to his personality as one of the best-known economists of the world.

“Reform is not an event, it is an process. We will continue to push forward the cause of reform.”

Starting his career as a teacher he was appointed as a senior lecturer of Economics at Panjab University from 1957 to 1959. After that, in 1966, he went to work with the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development. For the next two years after 1969, he was a  professor of International Trade at the Delhi School of Economics, University of Delhi. Following the years after 1971, Manmohan Singh rose to prominence when he became the Chief Economic Adviser in the Ministry of Finance. In 1982, he was appointed Governor of the RBI, the post he managed for next three years. Serving positions like the Advisor to Prime Minister of India on Economic Affairs during the tenure of V.P. Singh and being appointed as the Chairman of the University Grants Commission, Manmohan Singh handled a number of portfolios during his career.

His political career started in 1991 when Narsimha Rao took Singh on board as the Finance Minister in his cabinet. Singh is married to Gursharan Kaur with whom he has three daughters. 

“Our vision is not just of economic growth, but also of a growth which would improve the life of the common man.”

Education of Manmohan Singh 

Singh’s educational journey has been phenomenal. He attended Punjab University in Chandigarh where he completed his Bachelors in Economics in 1952 and a Masters in Economics 1954. Throughout his years in his academic career, Singh was a brilliant performer. Later he went to the University of Cambridge to complete his higher studies. The education of Manmohan Singh did not stop there, he went on to pursue a PhD in Economics from the University of Oxford where he completed his thesis on ‘India’s export performance’ which later became the foundation for his book titled ‘India’s Export Trends and Prospects for Self-Sustained Growth’. The PhD from the prestigious university marked another milestone in the career of an enthusiastic scholar. At Cambridge, he was honoured with ‘Wright Prize for Distinguished Performance’. Besides this, he was also awarded an honorary professorship at Jawaharlal Nehru University

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Education of Manmohan Singh


Listed in Time Magazine’s ‘Top 100 Influential People in the World’ in 2005, Manmohan Singh is renowned for his contribution in Economics. Besides being conferred with Adam Smith Award by the University of Cambridge, Manmohan Singh has many awards to his credit. London School of Economics chose him as Distinguished Fellow for his outstanding performance and research in the field of Economics. The education of Manmohan Singh has won him many accolades which included an honorary fellowship at St. John’s College. In 1987, the Government of India conferred him with Padma Vibushan which is the second-highest civilian honour in India. 

“There seems to be some success in our search for peace and harmony now.”

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