Highest-Paying P&G Careers in India

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P&G careers

One of the biggest and most rapidly expanding corporations in India is P&G. Through its portfolio of 13 well-known and reputable brands in India, which includes Vicks, Ariel, Tide, Whisper, Olay, Gillette, Ambi Pur, Pampers, Pantene, Oral-B, Head & Shoulders, Herbal Essences, and Old Spice, the company provides services to millions of consumers. To better the lives of its customers every day, the company uses its strengths in consumer understanding, brand building, product innovations, packaging innovations, and retail execution both in-store and online. Continue reading to know more about the latest P&G careers.

About P&G

Consumer goods are the focus of the American multinational corporation Procter & Gamble Company (P&G). William Procter and James Gamble established this business in the year 1837. Its headquarters are in Cincinnati, Ohio, in the United States, and it has branches in many other nations, which is one reason it is well-known worldwide.

Personal/consumer health, personal care, and hygiene products are all areas of business for P&G. These goods are divided into categories like baby, feminine, and family care as well as groom, fabric, healthcare, and home care. Customers can also purchase some of their consumer goods there.

Benefits of P&G Careers

Here are some benefits that you’ll encounter while working at P&G. Check the list below:

  • Work-life balance
  • Flexible hours of work
  • Working-from-home options are also available.
  • Generous paid time off
  • Personal leaves of absence Salary competition
  • No-interest loans
  • A tax-favored share purchase program
  • A pension program with contributions
  • Financial education, such as learning how to buy your first house
  • Options for health care, such as private medical insurance
  • Discounts for gym subscriptions
  • Generous policies for parental leave
  • Collective life insurance
  • Long-term health coverage
  • Dedicated assistance to assist you in selecting the best child care or senior care.

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Highest-Paying P&G Careers in India

These are some of the highest-paying job profiles in India. To check eligibility, visit their official website and apply when there is a vacancy.

Job TitleAverage Salary (p.a)
ManagerINR 22 Lakh
Senior ManagerINR 33.31 Lakh
Associate ManagerINR 18.11 Lakh
Project ManagerINR 27.36 Lakh
DirectorINR 60.00 Lakh
Product Supply Associate ManagerINR 17.30 Lakh
Intern/TraineeINR 14.76 Lakh
Account ManagerINR 30.10 Lakh
Supply Chain ManagerINR 29.28 Lakh
Operations ManagerINR 29.26 Lakh
Courtesy: Glassdoor

Hiring Process of P&G

The hiring process of P&G is broken down into 5 major rounds. Check them below to understand what each round consists of:

Step 1 – Application

Your application will proceed to the following stage of its hiring process if your initial submission is accepted.

Step 2-  Assessment

P&G uses online tests to evaluate accomplishments and skills that typically do not surface during interviews. These evaluations are crucial because they show whether it would be beneficial for you to move forward with the hiring process. This round has 2 sub-parts: Success Drivers Assessment (Online) and Reasoning Screen (Online).

Step 3-  Initial Interview

P&G conduct behavioural-based interviews to learn more about you as a whole person. What motivates you? What have you already accomplished? They’ll enquire about your prior successes or how you’ve handled situations in the past to achieve this. They’re interested in how you compare yourself to, relate to, and connect with our success drivers. Additionally, this is your chance to learn more about the company. 

Step 4- Final Interview

They’ll inquire further about you and your abilities if you receive a callback. In this round, they’ll delve deeper into your skills and capabilities in addition to conducting more behaviorally-based interviews. You can anticipate either a panel interview or a 1:1 interview. Typically, there are two or three interviewers on a panel. Additionally, this is an opportunity to learn more about their distinctive culture, core values, and limitless opportunities.

Step 5- Offer

This is the final stage wherein you’ll receive your offer letter from the company and get a chance to work with and learn from incredibly talented people, take on novel and exciting challenges, and daily touch and better the lives of consumers globally in more places.

Expected Interview Questions at P&G

Recognize that there is a key factor the interviewer will use to evaluate your response to each question they ask you. So let’s examine some questions that you might be asked during your personal interviews and how to respond to them:

  1. Have there ever been circumstances where you had to use various viewpoints or strategies to solve a problem? If so, describe it to us.
  2. Tell the story of a time when you used the few resources you had at your disposal to solve a problem.
  3. Has there ever been a time when you needed to prioritize the many tasks you had on your plate? What method did you employ?
  4. How can the success of a challenging project be ensured?
  5. How do you handle a coworker who misunderstands or disagrees with you?
  6. How have you previously managed to lead a team?
  7. How would you settle a dispute with a client or customer?
  8. How would you convince a coworker?
  9. How would you get team members with divergent opinions to cooperate?
  10. Tell us about a time when you had to make a decision in a split second; what happened?

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Tips to Clear Your Interview at P&G

Here are 10 tips to help you clear your interview at P&G. Check them below:

  1. Understand the role and responsibilities beforehand
  2. Do Proper Research 
  3. Personalize your approach with real-life examples.
  4. Use supporting materials to back up your points.
  5. Prepare your responses before the interview
  6. Reflect Confidence
  7. Be yourself.
  8. Ask as many questions to get a clear understanding.
  9. Follow up Promptly
  10. Learn and grow 


Q1. Is P&G hard to get into?

Ans. Procter & Gamble receives 900,000 applications annually for fewer than 5,000 openings, making it difficult to land a position there. However, if you believe you have what it takes, it’s worthwhile to hear what P&G CEO Bob McDonald has to say about breaking into the multinational consumer goods corporation based in downtown Cincinnati.

Q2.Is P&G a good career?

Ans. Compared to the average U.S. company’s 59% response rate, 71% of employees at our company agreed that it is a great place to work. The majority of the team, 89%, also agreed that P&G employees are given a lot of responsibility.

Q3. What is the salary at P&G Hyderabad?

Ans. Procter & Gamble in Hyderabad/Secunderabad pays an average yearly salary of INR 11 lakhs.

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