Productivity Productivity Productivity

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I think I’ll become a better professional after reading this. That, is the impact.

👉changing opinions? (was favourite)
🌟back fo BUILD

(#edu, of course!) @pmarca@sriramk – thank you!

Loved this hedge fund analogy / & the “power” behind being able to change opinions & not being stuck. It literally is ‘a skill to build’.

his to-do list, of course, is magic. I’ve largely found comfort in dashboards, & a whole lot of numbers / but find this ‘adding subjectivity’ bit, ‘project by project’ bit very cool too. The DRI bit (@Apple) helps. Didn’t know about it before. Beauty.

And of course, the last part / how to really measure progress? Outcomes or inputs?

Can of course say “both”, “it depends” et al, but what side does it bend? 🙂

Well, the jury is out on that:… END.

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