ISB Hyderabad
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Bursting the Myth – ISB Hyderabad vs ISB Mohali

Are you applying to ISB for PGP in Management in the coming year? Confused about the two campuses of ISB- ISB Hyderabad and ISB Mohali? Do you even know the difference between ISB Hyderabad and ISB Mohali? Which is better ISB Hyderabad placemMore

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ISB (Indian School of Business)

It’s done! You’ve decided you want to do an MBA and perhaps, you are already in this imaginary cabin with beautiful interiors, with your MBA degree on the wall and a notification on your phone that your six-figure salary has just been credite… More

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ISB PGP – Post Graduate Program in Management

Do you know what Neeraj Arora, CEO of WhatsApp; Sriram Venkataram, CFO of Flipkart and Ajit Andare, COO of Viacom and numerous other top business leaders share in common? Yes, you’re right. All of them have graduated from ISB PGP.

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Career Counselling in Bangalore
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All About ISB PGPMAX Program

Indian School of Business is among the top 30 global B-schools and no wonder they receive thousands of applications each year. Amongst all the courses ISB offers, PGPMAX is one of a kind program that is specially designed for senior level exMore