Zoology Courses in Ireland: Colleges, Scope, Salary, Jobs.

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Zoology Courses in Ireland

Do you have a strong interest in wildlife and the outdoors? Making a career in zoology would be a fantastic decision if you have a strong interest in science and biology. After completing their zoology study, applicants have a wide range of job opportunities to select from. Understanding some of these career options will help you select the one that is best for you. There are numerous opportunities, from conservation to veterinary research, for those who study zoology in Ireland. Learn more about zoology courses in Ireland by reading on.

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What Zoology is All About?

The relationship between the scientific disciplines of biology, chemistry, statistics, environmental science, and geography is studied in the field of zoology. The study of the natural environment and living things is covered in a zoology course in Ireland. Topics covered include the physiology of animals, their behaviour, evolution, and the ecosystems in which they live. 

The specialised knowledge in animal biology provided by the zoology degree includes physiology, ecology, conservation, embryonic development, evolution, parasitology, entomology, and wildlife biology in both marine and terrestrial contexts. Students studying zoology in Ireland have the chance to develop and put their advanced abilities in evidence evaluation, critical thinking, quantitative analysis, and written and oral communication to use. A strong scientific framework is provided by this wide-ranging and adaptable skill set, which may be used to think creatively and investigate the natural world and its relationships with human society.

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Reasons to Study in Ireland

Here are some of the reasons to study in Ireland:

  1. Irish universities are renowned for their outstanding academic programmes. Some of Ireland’s universities are among the top 3% of all universities in the world.
  2. Ireland, in contrast to many other nations, offers fantastic employment prospects to both native and foreign students. Nearly all Fortune 500 corporations and other MNCs are headquartered in the nation, allowing students to take advantage of some of the most lucrative possibilities.
  3. Most of the courses offered in Irish colleges are reasonably priced.
  4. It’s interesting to note that Ireland is the only English-speaking nation in Europe to provide a post-Masters work visa good for two years.
  5. Ireland is one of the nations where obtaining a PR is reasonably quick and easy.

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Let’s take a look at the list of popular universities and Zoology courses in Ireland:

Name of the University Name of the Course Duration Yearly Tuition Fee
University of Limerick Certificate in Equine Science
Diploma in Equine Science
2 Years

3 Years

Euro 17,850(INR 15.99 Lakh)
Trinity College Dublin B.A Zoology 4 Years INR 24.5 Lakh
University College Dublin B.S Zoology 4 Years INR 24.80 Lakh
University College Cork B.S. Zoology 4 Years INR 22.00 Lakh
University of Galway MSc Zoology
Structured Ph.D (Zoology)
2 Years
4 Years
INR 13.34 Lakh
INR 13.50 Lakh

Eligibility Criteria

Let’s take a look at the general entry requirements to study a Zoology course in Ireland.

Academic Requirements Undergraduate degree in the related field (science stream) from a recognized university with minimum of 50% marks
Standardized Test Requirements TOEFL– 100/120 
IELTS– 6.5
PTE– 63
Documents All Academic Transcripts 
Letters of Recommendation
Statement of Purpose

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Scholarships Available for International Students

Name of the Scholarship Accepted Programs Benefit
Open Study /Research Award Bachelors, Masters, PhD Maximum EURO 15,000 (INR 13.44 Lakh)
DCU Taught Masters Program Award Bachelors, Masters, PhD Variable
RCSI PhD Award Masters and PhD Maximum 1.5 Cr (For four years)
UCD Taught Masters Program Award Masters Maximum EURO 15,000 (INR 13.44 Lakh)
Peter Real Analog Bernal Awards Masters and PhD Variable

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Career Prospects after Zoology Courses in Ireland

Earning a degree in Zoology opens a plethora of opportunities for candidates due to it’s Some of the popular career prospects after completing Zoology courses in Ireland are listed below:

Cost of Study and Living in Ireland

For Indian students, the expense of attending school in Ireland is quite affordable when compared to other countries (about INR 8–14 lakhs per year). For instance, the annual cost of an MS in Ireland would be approximately INR 15 lakhs.

Depending on where you are studying in Ireland, the kind of housing you select, and, of course, your own personal lifestyle, you will require a different amount.  However, we predict that a student will typically spend between €10,000 (INR 8.95 Lakh) and €16,000 (INR 14.33 Lakh) annually. 

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Ireland Student Visa Process

In order to enrol in school in Ireland, you need a student visa. The two groups into which student visas are subdivided are C and D visas. A D Study Visa is needed because the master’s curriculum lasts two years. You need to apply for a student visa online three months before your trip to Ireland. The following documentation is required to apply for a student visa to Ireland:

  • Authentic travel documents
  • Letter of Acceptance Irish institution
  • Passport-size photographs
  • IELTS scorecard
  • Information on health insurance
  • Proof of fee payment
  • Biometric Informational declaration stating your justification for leaving Ireland after the validity of your visa expires


Ques: What qualification is required to study in Ireland?

Ans: Universities in Ireland require a bachelor’s degree in either science, engineering, or computer technology with a score of 70% or more and a history of less than five arrears in order to admit students.

Ques: How to do Zoology course in Ireland?

Ans: The Science (TR060) degree is the entry point for the four-year degree in zoology.

Ques: What are some of the colleges that provide zoology courses?

Ans: Trinity College, University of Galway, University college Cork, and University of Dublin to name a few.

This was all about the Zoology course in Ireland. Get in touch with the team of experts at Leverage Edu in order to skyrocket your study abroad experience.

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