The University of Toronto GMAT CuttOff

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University of Toronto GMAT cutoff

University of Toronto GMAT CuttOff: The University of Toronto is one of the best universities in Canada. As per the World QS Ranking 2024, the university is ranked 21 in the world. The research-intensive university is known for invention and innovation. However, for admission into the graduate management program, a student must clear GMAT. The University of Toronto recognizes the GMAT score secured by a student. More than, 5.60 lakh students have graduated from the university. Keep reading to know more about the University of Toronto GMAT score.


The University of Toronto Admission Criteria 

The University of Toronto is seeking applications from unique students. There is no particular model application. However, there are certain qualifications that the university requires of a student. For example, the University of Toronto GMAT cut-off. The following are the preferred qualifications of an applicant. 

  • Intellectual ability. That is, the student must have a strong academic background, must have received awards and scholarships, and must have a work history
  • Progressive experience- It includes having a history of impact or community involvement
  • Demonstrate Professionalism in the admission process and must have leadership potential 
  • Additionally, the student must have resilience and grit and must have certain unique accomplishments. 

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The University of Toronto Eligibility Requirements

The prospective students must meet the following eligibility requirements of the university. The University of Toronto GMAT cut-off is one of them. Students can use the Rotman portal to submit the application. The following are the general eligibility requirements for the University of Toronto students.

  • Must possess an undergraduate degree with a minimum GPA of 3.0
  • Submit the GMAT/GRE scores. The student must meet the minimum GMAT score.
  • Submit work experience. A minimum of 2 years of work experience is required. However, average applicants have 6 years of experience
  • Submit letters of recommendation, and 2 written essays with 250 words each.
  • Must have clear English language proficiency. That is, TOEFL score (100 overall)/ IELTS score (7.0)
  • Additionally, the applicant must also clear the interview. The fee for the same is CDN$195.

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Rotman Programs

The following are the Rotman Programs that students can enrol in. The University of Toronto GMAT cut-off can be required for the same.

  • Full-Time MBA
  • One-Year Executive MBA
  •  Morning & Evening MBA
  •  GEMBA for Healthcare and the Life Sciences
  • Rotman-SDA Bocconi Global Executive MBA
  •  Master of Finance
  • Master of Management Analytics
  • Master of Financial Risk Management
  • PhD
  •  Initiative for Women in Business
  • Graduate Diploma in Professional Accounting
  • Executive Programs
  • Initiative for Women in Business
  •  Rotman Commerce
  • Intercultural Skills Lab

The University of Toronto GMAT CutOff

To take admission to the University of Toronto students must meet the cutoff. The University of Toronto GMAT cutoff is 550. This is the minimum cut-off required to get into the university. However, consideration for the entrance awards starts at scores above 600 and 650+. Therefore, students must secure a score above 600 to be considered for distinguished awards/

The University of Toronto GMAT CutOff: Latest News 

The University of Toronto GMAT cutoff has been waived. It is only applicable to students who have cleared the CFA examination- Level 2 and Level 3. According to Niki da Silva, Director, Recruitment & Admissions, Full-Time MBA, an increasing number of students want to pursue an MBA and CFA. GMAT becomes a barrier for students who have cleared the 3 main levels of the CFA exam. Hence, the GMAT has been waived for those students who have cleared the CFA examination levels 2 and 3.

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Does the University of Toronto accept GMAT scores?

Yes. The University of Toronto accepts the GMAT scores of students.  Apart from that the university also accepts GRE scores. Students can use the GRE Comparison Table for Business Schools to calculate their respective GMAT scores.

What is the GMAT score cut off for Canada?

The GMAT score for cut off in Canada is 550. It is the minimum score required for Canadian universities. However,. Some universities can accept a GMAT score as low as 500 while others can accept a score of more than 600

Is GMAT required for an MBA at the University of Toronto?

Yes. GMAT score is required for MBA admission to the University of Toronto. The minimum score required for admission is 550, However, scores above 600, and 650+ are essential for receiving distinguished awards.

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