Study Abroad in UK: UK Student Visas for Indians Outnumbers Others

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A staggering 73% increase in the UK student visas for Indians corresponds to the contribution of Indians to the UK economy.

Indian students have been greatly migrating to the UK for their higher studies. However, in 2022, UK student visas touched a growth of 73% compared to 2021, according to the UK Envoy. Not just UK student visas, the country has been hugely populated by Indians in the work sector as well. 25% of a total of 2,836,490 visas have been issued to Indian nationals in 2022. By far, this is the highest number of visas that the UK has ever issued to any particular country. While Indians had already outnumbered the Chinese in UK study visas in June 2022, this is a new height achieved.


UK Student Visa For Study Abroad Dreams

Indians are currently holding the highest position for study abroad in the top study destinations abroad. These study destinations are the US, Canada, the UK, and Australia. In fiscal 2022, 4,14,822 visas have been issued to Indians from all these countries. This number against 2,37,532 in fiscal 2020 is a 75% increase. The UK Immigration Statistics posted in August 2022 that 118,000 UK student visas were given out to Indian students. This was an 89% increase from 2021. The consistent statistics have allowed the two countries to form a partnership moving towards a scheme for young professionals.

Scheme for Young Professionals

Firstly, a quarter of the international students in the UK are from India. While the number of UK student visas sanctioned to India stands, 95,000 UK jobs are supported by Indian students. Thus, to better the economies of both countries, the UK-India Migration and Mobility Partnership launched the Young Professionals Scheme. This scheme will allow nationals of these countries to visit each other for professional purposes. Indian citizens between 18 to 30 years of age can now live and work in the UK for two years. The scheme opened on Tuesday when the Indian High Commissioner issued his words. He mentioned, “I am pleased to be able to tell you that the scheme goes live from February 28. We will be launching this simultaneously in Delhi and in London, respectively for Indians to come to the UK and British citizens to go to India.”

UK Student Visas

Indians have thus left behind the Chinese in all study-abroad destinations. This includes not only the UK but also in Australia and the US. The Universities abroad are thus increasingly becoming a great hub of Indian communities. Also, Indian merits going abroad are not only populating these countries. They are also stabilizing the economies of the same.
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