Study Abroad in France: INSEAD Introduced Technologically-Driven Learning App

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Study Abroad in France INSEAD Introduced Technologically-Driven Learning App
The world-famous business school INSEAD launched a subscription-based mobile application for students who want to experience a lifelong educational experience.

One of the most reputed business schools in France, INSEAD, has come with up a learning hub platform to offer different types of programs to the global community of the schools. 


This way the users will be able to gain access to numerous high-quality content from the alumni as well as the faculty members, thanks to the learning app.  

The study materials available on the application will be customized and targeted completely based on the needs of the users. 

Study Abroad in France: INSEAD Introduced Technologically-Driven Learning App

Already regarded as one of the top business schools in Paris with campuses in Singapore and Abu Dhabi, the INSEAD has plans to develop a specific platform so that students can achieve great learning experiences while also focusing on their professional careers. 

Thanks to their office in New York and research centre in Israel, students from different corners of the world will be able to leverage the benefits of the learning app. 

How the Learning App Can Help the Students?

The Deputy Dean and Dean of Innovation of INSEAD stated that the learners will get to hold different types of tools so that they can reinvent themselves and come up with various opportunities to learn. 

The learners will also be able to boost their thinking and working skills. He also added that the effectiveness of the INSEAD learning app will also help the students build essential skills

The school has made two plans for the subscription services. The first trail will start running until the summer of 2023. 

During the first phase of the learning app, the managers, executives, and professionals outside the INSEAD community will receive free access. The learning content on the platform will undoubtedly prove beneficial. 

The second phase will contain free subscriptions to the standard content where people need to pay an annual fee to receive personalized study materials, networking opportunities, live sessions, and many more learning opportunities. 

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