TOEFL Online Exam

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TOEFL Online Exam

To ease out the candidates, an alternative option to the traditional way of giving TOEFL exams is TOEFL online test. Thousands of universities all across the globe are now accepting TOEFL online exams. Many students are now preferring to give TOEFL exam (English proficiency test) in the online mode because of the convenience to them. The candidates should make sure that they check with the university requirements and if they are accepting the online exam before applying for the method. This blog will provide a detailed guide to the TOEFL online exam along with its requirements and the process to apply. 

Compulsory Requirements for TOEFL Exam

While applying for TOEFL online exam, the authorities list out some of the basic requirements that a candidate needs to understand and fulfil for a smooth examination fully:

  • Computer: The basic requirement for an online exam is the availability of a computer test. The use of mobile phones and tablets is not allowed for the exam. The operating system should be approved and licensed with only a Chrome browser or Firefox installed. 
  • Speaker: To interact with the proctor, the candidates must have an internal or external speaker. The use of headphones or headsets is strictly prohibited.
  • Camera: Along with the speakers, an additional requirement is the camera. The camera should be built into the system or can be a separate webcam. The camera should be movable to allow the proctor to get a 360-degree view of the room and the table. 
  • Microphone; Similar to speakers, the candidate should have an internal or external microphone and the use of headsets and headphones is not allowed. 

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How to Apply for TOEFL Online Exam?

Follow the instructions below to successfully apply for the TOEFL online exam:

  1. Create an account on the ETS website with your Email- ID and set a password.
  2. The next step is to choose a testing method from the options available for online forms.
  3. Choose the test date, time and location according to your convenience.
  4. The next step is to complete the payment through the accepted methods and complete the registration process.

General Rules to Follow During the TOEFL Online Exam

Certain rules and regulations are needed to be followed during the TOEFL online exam:

  1. Do not use mobile phones, textbooks or notes during the exam or even in the exam.
  2. No use of recording devices.
  3. Disable any software that enables the screen-sharing facility.
  4. Make sure that you only communicate with the proctor during the exam.
  5. During the entire exam, candidates are only allowed to take a 10 minutes break after the listening section.

If the candidate fails to adhere to the rules, the scores will be cancelled by the body and there will be no refund of the application and exam fee. 

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Set Rules for Environment of the Exam Location

Other than the general rules, there are some set guidelines for the environment of the exam location in terms of privacy and the appearance of the candidate:

  1. No one should be accompanying the candidate while giving the exam.
  2. Make sure you should not taking exams in places like cafes, restaurants or public parks.
  3. The doors and the windows of the exam room should be closed. 
  4. The door, table and chair should be visible to the proctor through a 360-degree camera view.
  5. Eating and drinking anything is not allowed during the exam.
  6. The candidate’s ears and face must be visible to the proctor. Face masks are not permitted. 
  7. Avoid wearing anything indecent as the footage of the exam will be shared with the institutions.  


Can I take TOEFL online?

Yes, TOEFL online options are available for candidates who wish to give an exam in the comfort of their home. 

How are we evaluated in the TOEFL online exam? 

The evaluation for TOEFL online exam is based on different criteria for all the sections in the TOEFL exam. For example, the speaking section in the TOEFL online exam is evaluated by the human proctor. 

 Do we have to follow some rules in the TOEFL online exam?

Certain rules are being set up for the candidates who are appearing in the TOEFL exam like dressing up a certain way or some equipment required. 

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