Study in USA: Latest Updates Regarding the Appointment Process For Students Visa By US Embassy in India

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The US Embassy in India announced a policy change in regards to student visa appointments at Indian city consulates.


The USA Embassy in India made an official announcement in a Twitter (now X) post that “To prevent fraud and abuse of the appointment system, we are announcing the following policy change which will be implemented beginning November 27, 2023.”

These Are The Parameters

All visas like the F, M, and J student visa candidates have to use their passport information for creating a profile and scheduling for the visa appointment. Candidates who already created a profile or booked an appointment using an inaccurate or wrong passport number will not be accepted at the Visa Application Centers (VAC). In this case, appointments will be canceled and the candidate’s visa fee will not be refunded.

Candidates who have created a profile or booked an appointment with an inaccurate passport number can create a new profile having the valid passport information OR access any existing profile that carries the correct passport information to book an appointment. 

Study in USA: Latest Updates Regarding the Appointment Process For Student Visa By US Embassy in India

Please see: This step will require payment of a new visa fee receipt, if the previous receipt already has been attached/linked to a profile with inaccurate passport information.

On the other hand, if a candidate renewed their passport recently, or got a new passport after the previous passport was lost/stolen, they have to bring a copy or other legitimate proof of the previous passport number and after that they will be allowed to go through with their appointment.

For resuming education in the US, international students have to apply for and be approved for a student visa. It depends on the student’s course and type of school, for a F or M visa.

Different Visa Type Needs Different Program

If a student is enrolled in a language training program’s university, seminar, conservatory, or any other academic institution, then that student can enter the USA as a full-time student with an F-1 Visa (Academic Student). If a student is enrolled in vocational or other nonacademic programs, debar language instruction, it falls under the M-1 visa (Vocational Student) category.

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