Study in UK: Indians Recieve the Second Highest UK Dependent Visas in 2023

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Study in UK: Indians Recieve the Second Highest UK Dependent Visas in 2023

Dependents of Indian students in the UK received 43,445 visas this year. If we compare it to the 2019 matrix of only 2,127 visas, this is an increase of 1,900% in the number of dependent visas in UK granted to Indians.


Moreover, the UK Office of National Statistics (ONS) has prepared this report. According to them, the number of dependent visas for Indian nationals reached the second highest by September 2023 itself. 

Also, this year, Nigerian nationals received the highest number of dependent visas. Indians followed closely behind it. Despite these heavy numbers of dependent visas, UK will not be issuing any dependent visas from January 2024 onwards. 

What After the Implementation of Ban on Dependent Visas?

First of all, the ban has certain exceptions. Let’s start understanding from the beginning.
The UK never allowed undergraduate students to bring dependents.

Hence, the relaxation to bring dependents was only for postgraduate and research students. So, what has exactly changed? Starting from January 2024, the UK will also not permit postgraduate students to bring dependents.

Here is the crux, not all postgraduate students are barred from bringing dependents to the UK.
The new guidelines exempt all courses qualifying as research programs from the restriction.

Study in UK: New Guidelines for Research Levels that Qualify for Dependant Visa

Therefore, bringing dependents to the UK is based on your enrolment in a postgraduate research course. Please go through the guidelines for the course selection in CAS form based on the new guidelines. 

How Does the Surge in UK Dependent Visa Numbers in 2023 Benefit Students Further?

It is not only the rise in the number of dependent visas but also the margin of Indians being granted a dependent visa. A significant portion of approved applications comes from Indian students who are applying to bring dependents to the UK. 

Once the changes are in place, students in selected courses only can apply for a dependent visa. However, due to the trends this year, Indians can expect a fair share of their applications to get approved. This is only true if they meet all the eligibility criteria. 

Therefore, going forward, choose your courses and subjects carefully in the CAS form to determine your eligibility for a UK-dependent visa. If you want to read more such exciting information, make sure you follow Leverage Edu News Updates. 

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