Study in UK: 10 Safest Cities for Students to Settle in UK in 2023

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Study in UK: 10 Safest Cities for Students to Settle in UK in 2023

Once a student decides to live abroad, the first thing they check is the feasibility. A major part of this feasibility also comprises safety provisions at the student accommodation and within the city. We know countries like the UK are major multicultural hotspots and students are enthusiastic about exploring themselves in the immersive and safe environment that the country provides. 


However, if a student prefers cities that are considered ‘the safest’ for them to live in the UK then here is the list based on the NUMBEO: A Serbian crowd-sourced online database.

10 Safest Cities for Students in the UK in 2023

Safety can be attributed to feeling welcome, inclusive, as well as mentally and physically secure. It is a place where you can easily find your way, and have all the necessities and services like hospitals, grocery stores, service shops etc close by. Here are the cities that topped the list:

At times, students might prefer a non-metropolitan or a city with comparatively simpler lifestyles. They are more suitable and secure to live while studying giving them opportunities, a diverse community as well as some private time. 

Also, we have left London off the list, which is not only a fast-paced more opportunistic city but a busy student centre and most preferred city to study abroad in the UK. It is the most obvious option that provides a dynamic experience. 

Study in UK: 10 Safest Cities for Students to Settle in UK in 2023

If you are planning to study abroad in the UK in the upcoming years, you must also be looking for places to live while studying there. Mostly, students think about getting accommodation after receiving their study permits. However, that might be quite late to consider all the factors in choosing the right student accommodation due to the need for more options. Therefore, start your research today and book before the options vanish. 

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