Study in the US: Visa Application Process Starting From May Itself

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Study in the US: Visa Application Process Starting From May Itself
The United States will start the first batch of visa appointments from mid-may. Moreover, the country intends to hike the visa interview appointments for Indian students by 30%

The U.S Consulate General in Hyderabad has tweeted that the United States Mission to India will start the 1st batch of appointments for the upcoming season. The visa application process for the fall season will start from mid-May.  Additional appointments will release later on. Hence, students intending to study in the U.S should prepare for their appointments.


New changes in the US visa application Process 

In 2022, 1.2 lakh student visa applications processed by the US consulates. The U.S is also intending to increase the visa interview appointments by 30% this summer for the Indian students. Moreover, the US State department has announced in February  that the ‘F’ and ‘M’ category student visas issued a year in advance. 

Previously, International students could only apply for the US visa 120 days prior to the start of their program. However, they can start their application 365 days in advance.The US administration has also extended the waiver for in-person visa interviews. It is applicable till 31st December, 2023. It is provided to students, scholars, professors, short-term scholars, specialists who meet specific requirements. This move will make it easier to get visas for applicants from the F,M, and J category.

These new changes were put forward along with the hike in the US visa fees. The US visa fees went up from $160 to $185 for the international students. The new visa fees will be applicable to international students from 30th May, 2023. 

Types of US Student Visas

The United States offers 3 types of US student visas. They are as follows:

  • F student visa is the student visa require to study at an accredited U.S educational institution. The F student visa applied by students who want to study English at an English language Institute.
  • J exchange visa is another student visa. It is required to participate in a student exchange program. It is applicable for study in Universities and high school.
  • M student visa is the visa that needs to acquired to vocational study or non-academic study or training in the U.S. 

However, before applying for the US F,J,or M student visas students need to admit in a U.S institution. The institution has to be approved by the SEVP or the Student Exchange or Visitor Program.

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