Study Abroad: International Student Population At Warwick Shoots Up By Almost 10% Post-2012

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Study Abroad: International Student Population At Warwick Shoots Up By Almost 10% Post-2012
The student population at Warwick has increased tenfold in the recent decade since 2012; these international students have gathered mostly from outside the EU and the UK.

The proportion of international students at Warwick has risen to a staggering 37% this year whereas, in the last academic year, it was 28%. The University of Warwick along with the city itself has taken the liberty to draw the statistics to the huge increase of international students in the city. The UK has already been seeing a massive response from International students that have already led to some Universities adjusting their deadlines. However, the rise in the number of international students in proportion is noticeable because of a different reason.


Reason for Growth in International Students Proportion

The student population in Warwick from overseas is so noticeable because precisely, the home students and the international students from the EU have massively declined over the past two years. The decline has pushed the proportion higher while the numbers are still wholesome with not much difference noticeable as the proportion brings out. In the academic year 2020 – 2021, there was a record number of 19,939 home students and EU students taking admissions to Warwick. This year, however, the number has drastically gone down to only 18,015. At the same time, the number of international students at Warwick this academic year is 10,607. The dynamics can explain the imbalance in the proportion of international students rising to 37% from 28%. There are reasons why the University has also shot up in the world academic rankings.

Exact Statistics by the University of Warwick on International Students

The University of Warwick aided by the city has evaluated the proportion of students in each of the degree levels at the University. The overall student population of Warwick stands at 28,621. The rise in the student population is maximum in the postgraduate research students which is 42% while the postgraduate courses saw only a 7% rise in the population. International students have also greatly favored undergraduate courses because of which the numbers in UG have gone up by 40%. Thus, it can be said that Warwick is getting famous for its postgraduate research courses and undergraduate courses.

Warwick segregates itself academically into three umbrella subjects Social Sciences, Science and Medicine, and the Arts. This academic year has seen the maximum number of students in the Social Sciences stream at 12,834 while Arts is lagging behind by acres at 3,366. Science and Medicine has 12,422 students, a 33% increase from the last academic year.

International students who are planning to gain their degrees from any part of the UK should hence fasten their seat belts and pace up their applications as seats are filling fast.

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