Study Abroad in UK: Avail Bursaries For Pursuing Early Childhood Education

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Bursaries for pursuing Early Childhood Education
Bursaries for pursuing Early Childhood Education
Students from the British Columbia Post Secondary Institutions can apply for bursaries to pursue early childhood education.

A new online portal managed by the Early Childhood Educators of BC (ECBC) helps students to apply for bursaries. The bursaries are available for new and returning students enrolled in early childhood education.  The bursary amount varies depending on the education cost of the student. $5000 per semester is the maximum bursary amount. Online applications for students from British Columbia post Secondary Institutions are open from 20th March to 3rd April 2023. 

Objective of Bursaries

Bursaries for pursuing Early Childhood Education

The British government views Early Childhood Education as an important profession. Therefore, the government is helping students to cut their education costs to become ECEs. In the long run, it will result in generating high-quality education for British children. 

Priority to Give Out Bursaries

All new and returning students from recognized ECE training institutions and programs can apply for bursaries. Indigenous students from first nations will receive priority. Those students who self-identify as Métis or Inuit will get priority as well. The rest of the bursaries are granted on a first-come and first-serve basis. However, the funding is only distributed only after giving proof of course completion at the end of a semester.

International students with families can get deductions in education expenses because of bursaries. Moreover, Early Childhood Education is a profitable course that allows career opportunities for students. With the 10-year ChildCare BC plan the focus of the B.C. government has been to improve the quality and affordability of child education. International students already have the financial stress of their own education. Bursaries, reduce the pressure, thus, allowing for quality education at reduced costs.

Reasons for the Launch

The launch of the 10-year ChildCare BC plan has seen more bursaries provided by the British Columbia government. The aim was to deliver quality and affordable childcare access to families. Consequently, 6,500 Early Childhood Education Students have received more than 12,500 bursaries.

The B.C. government has taken action to recruit and retain ECEs. As a result, the public post-secondary ECE programs have more than 1,577 new student spaces. The government is aiming to enhance wages, provide better professional development and training, and streamline pathways for international ECEs. All to improve the quality of early childhood education.

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