Study Abroad in Japan: All-Expenses Paid GMP for BHU Students by UNIQLO

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All-Expenses Paid GMP for BHU Students by UNIQLO
All-Expenses Paid GMP for BHU Students by UNIQLO
Three exceptionally meritorious students from BHU were selected by UNIQLO, a retail giant in Japan, for its Global Management Programme where all expenses are paid for the 5-day intensive camp.

Banaras Hindu University is known for its exceptionally difficult entrance exams. Currently, this University is all set to send three of its students to Japan. Thus, this is news of great excitement for Indian students. It is also a small step toward Japan and India coming together for future endeavors. What makes it even grander, UNIQLO is a fast retail giant in Japan. Additionally, it is the third-largest global apparel giant.

The UNIQLO Venture for BHU Students

Professor NV Chalapathi Rao, the coordinator of International Collaborations of BHU, discloses the names of the three students. Richik Mukherjee, Ritu Kumar, and Supriya Pandey, the selected candidates of UNIQLO GMP, are all set to attend the camp. The 5-day intensive Global Management Programme (GMP) allows the students to meet business giants from the industry. Additionally, UNIQLO mentions that successful candidates of the GMP will be offered magnificent job opportunities.

The students will have opportunities not only to network with global business leaders but also with other international students. It is the networking opportunity here that allows a great flow of ideas and opportunities apart from UNIQLO itself.

The international students at the GMP will have training in leadership and managerial skills. The international students would find solutions to global business problems. Teamwork is thus another attribute that would be tested for the final results of the GMP.

Student Selection Criteria for UNIQLO GMP

Professor Rao disclosed the three criteria for student selection. These were their academic backgrounds, SOPs, and personal interaction with the board of UNIQLO interviewers. The students will have full expense coverage from UNIQLO including transit, accommodation, and food expenses. The five-day event will start on 24th July and will last till 28th July 2023. The event location is Ariake Office, Tokyo.

What Students Can Take Back From UNIQLO GMP?

While the experience of international networking is undeniable at such international conferences, international students have more to gain. These are some of the attributes of the Global Management Programme of UNIQLO.

  • In-depth insights and analysis of the retail industry.
  • Multicultural attributes to global industries.
  • Teamwork and leadership skills.
  • Real-world project management exposure.
  • Mentorship from business leaders of leading global organizations.
  • Recruitment opportunities in the retail industry.
All-Expenses Paid GMP for BHU Students by UNIQLO

While UNIQLO’s Global Management Programme is a great opportunity for BHU students, international students can look out for such opportunities. Students in global universities can enquire regarding such activities in their international education/collaboration/partnership departments. Japan’s initiatives for international students from India are thus flourishing already.

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