Study in UK: 10 Courses That Make it an Attractive Destination for Indians in 2023-2024

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Study in UK: 10 Courses That Make it an Attractive Destination for Indians

We keep coming across news that UK is one of the topmost destinations for studying abroad for Indian students. Also, the number of Indian students studying there, and getting visas and scholarships is overwhelming. 


But why do so many Indian students choose to study in the UK? The opportunities and lifestyle are secondary factors, the foremost reason is the world-class universities and the courses offered. 

Since the top universities are discussed round the clock, let us discuss here the most popular courses that make UK an attractive destination for Indian students. 

10 Courses That Make it an Attractive Destination for Indians

Finally, we are going to discuss the 10 courses that are considered the most preferred for Indian students in the UK. Please note that the courses are not mentioned in the order of preference but alphabetically. 

  • Architecture: As a lot of modern and medieval architecture in India is inspired by UK, many Indian students prefer studying architecture in the country that has the oldest forms of that architecture
  • Business and Management: UK has always been the best in making global connections and expanding global business. It also nurtured industrialisation and many other movements that led to major developments in the world. Hence, the country is naturally befitting for the course. 
  • Biological and Sports Sciences: The universities in UK like Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial College London etc are the best in research and development. Each year, these universities participate in education fairs, and rankings and also provide the world with ground-breaking inventions like mRNA Vaccines for COVID-19 by researchers of the University of Pennsylvania

If you want to read more about the COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine developed in the University of Pennsylvania, read our article: Pioneers of Pennsylvania University Bag the Nobel Prize

  • Computing, Engineering and Technology: From industrialisation to the present day, the UK has never looked back at Engineering, Technology and Computers. It has empowered researchers and innovators to always stay ahead of time. 
  • Design and Creative and Performing Arts: Being a multinational company from the very start, UK has a knack for designing and artful work. The country nurtured artists from across the world and continues to do so through education. 
  • Law: For Indians, it is the best country for studying law as UK law is quite similar to Indian law. Our constitution is majorly derived from the UK and hence many laws and regulations are the same in both countries. 
  • Psychology: Yes, Psychology courses in the UK are exceptional and are mostly preferred by Indians. The case studies and methodologies discussed in the class are remarkable to learn from. Moreover, the country has developed proper libraries with the oldest to latest books and research papers that can help students. 
  • Medicine: Reiterating the fact of COVID-19 vaccine development won’t be just. The UK has a well-developed and extensive system of medicine and healthcare. The NHS and the medical universities ensure that only well-qualified and skilled employees enter the healthcare markets. So, they have developed their education system accordingly. 
  • Social Sciences: World-class professors in different fields teach social sciences courses. Moreover, these courses are non-technical ones which makes it difficult for students to invest in them. Since UK offers 1-year master’s courses, students prefer to study such subjects in the UK to attain the best education in less time and budget. 

Other Factors: 

  • The Graduate visa route and Young Professionals scheme allow students to live in the UK for 2 years 
  • It is believed that one in every four leaders in the world has attended a university in the UK
  • UK is home to some of the most ancient universities like the University of Oxford and Cambridge University. 

There are many more reasons but we have highlighted the ones that we found crucial. If you want to read more such exciting information, make sure you follow Leverage Edu News Updates. 

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