All you Need to Know About Masters in Marketing in the UAE

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Master is a program that prepares students to make decisions in their lives. A master’s degree isn’t just about extra knowledge, it’s an investment in your future. It grants expertise, making you a competitive candidate for higher-paying jobs and leadership positions. You might even use it to switch careers entirely or delve deeper into a specific area of your field. As far as the Master in Marketing is concerned, it helps students develop effective communication, brand, media, and management strategies. It is an umbrella term for skills like communication, creativity, leadership, website management, marketing, critical thinking, and data analysis. Let us find out all about Masters in Marketing in the UAE.



Masters in Marketing in the UAE: An Overview

Masters in Marketing in the UAE refines valuable skills like critical thinking, research, and communication, making you a stronger asset in any workplace.

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There are certain types of masters you can go, depending on the bachelor’s you did and your willingness to change your field.

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Why Study a Master’s in Marketing?

Marketing degrees are an efficient way to increase your skills and conduct market research. 

  1. Career Advancement– A master’s program is known to scale your already existing marketing knowledge, making you an ideal marketer. 
  1. Specialization– Marketing is not a limited field, it gives exposure to a wide range of areas like digital marketing, branding, and market research, and kind of helping you gather knowledge of different fields. 
  1. Securing Future- This subject is an ever-evolving subject that will be required even in the future. Doing a master’s in Marketing will ensure that your job profile is valued everywhere. 

Eligibility Criteria

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a hub of education and research. The UAE government has invested greatly in things like building institutions and improving research facilities. 

The eligibility criteria for masters in different fields and different colleges would be completely different. The common criterion is to have a bachelor’s degree. 

  • Must have completed schooling from a known school and board till 12th.
  • Candidate must have completed graduation from a renowned university
  • If the candidate is from CBSE or ISC, a minimum score of 50% to 60% is required
  • Completed basic English Language examinations with passing scores. 

Moreover, other documents required for a Master in Marketing in the UAE are the following:

  • English Language test results- IELTS/ TOEFL
  • Statement of purpose
  • Resume
  • CV
  • Proof of Funds
  • Portfolio
  • Academic scores of school and graduation

Application Process

Start by researching about Master’s in Marketing in the UAE and keep searching until you find the university of your dreams. Then follow the below-mentioned application process. 

  1. Hunt your Course- One must have clarity on what they would want to pursue for a master’s, depending on the graduation course and interests. Maybe you would want to go for an M. Sc. or MBA, or any course of your wish. 
  1. Prep Your Documents– Once you are done with your college, visit their official website and look out for documents required to complete your master’s from their college. Common documents are application forms, valid passports, academic certificates, passport-sized photographs, and English proficiency tests.  
  1. Apply for Visa- Depending on the length of the course, make sure that you have filled out your visa application form. Candidates should send their application form to the General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs (GDRFA) or the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (ICA) in UAE. 
  1. Wait or confirmation- Now when you have done both the works, you have to start preparing for either your college or your packing things. You will get your official acceptance letter from the university. 

Top Courses in UAE

The top courses are provided by different colleges throughout the United Arab Emirates. Scroll to learn about the years, courses, and colleges. 

S. No.CollegeCourseYear/s
1College of Business AdministrationMBA in Marketing
2University of Birmingham DubaiM. Sc. in Marketing 1
3Middlesex University DubaiM. Sc. in Digital Marketing and Analytics1
4Middlesex University DubaiM. Sc. in Marketing Communications and Brand Management1
5Ajman UniversityMarketing2
6Middlesex University DubaiMarketing Communication and Brand Management1
7Heriot-Watt University DubaiInternational Business Management with Marketing1
8BIG AcademyMaster of Business Administration in Human Resource Management1
9Canadian University DubaiMarketing1 and a half
10University of DubaiInternational Business and Marketing1 year 9 months

Career and Salary

Here are top five companies of UAE along with the positions and salaries they offer to the candidate. 

Urban OasisMBA Marketing – MonthlyAED 1T -AED 2T
CBREMBA Student – MonthlyAED 14T -AED 16T
lnterplastMBA Student – MonthlyAED 3T -AED 4T
The Emirates GroupMBA Graduate – MonthlyAED 4T -AED 5T


Is doing a Master’s in UAE worth it?

Yes, it is! A master’s is already a degree that gives you an edge over everyone else and doing it from UAE is an add-on to your skillset. 

Can we do MS in UAE?

Yes multiple private universities in UAE give you the opportunity to do bachelor’s and master’s easily. 

How much is the Master’s fee in UAE?

Tuition fees per year in USD for Masters in different fields would be different but the average fee would be USD 12,800. 

Hopefully, you get a detailed insight into a Masters in Marketing in the UAE. For more detailed information, you can book your free counseling session with our experts and follow us. Leverage Edu for the latest updates.

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