Months in French: Spell & Pronounce All 12 With Confidence!

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months in french

Are you excitedly planning your next rendezvous with your friends in a nearby café soon? Then circle that date in your calendar, ‘cause we are learning all about months in French today. Most French months are very similar to the months in English, making it very easy to learn and remember them. This blog will be your secret weapon to conquer those tricky French spellings and pronunciations. No more fumbling or saying “jan-v-i-e-r”- we will have you breezing through December in no time, ready to impress with your newfound fluency. Ready, set, lingo!


List of 12 Months in French (with Pronunciation)

You might think it is difficult to learn the months in French. However, surprisingly, they are easy to learn if you are already familiar with English, Italian, or Spanish. See below the 12 months in French along with their pronunciation. 

English Word French WordPronunciation

More About 12 Months of the Year in French

Now that you know how to spell and pronounce the months in French, let’s discuss each of them one by one to help you remember them better. 


January, janvier in French, is the first month of the year and the first day of this month is called Jour de l’An (New Year’s Day). Like most cultures across the globe, the start of the new year is celebrated in France on this day. 


The special month of February (février in French) includes Valentine’s Day (la Saint Valentin) to commemorate the love between romantic couples and Candlemas (La Chandeleur), which is a day committed to eating crêpes in France.


March (mars in French) is named after the Roman God of war, Mars. This month marks the start of spring in France. 


Just like the other cultures, the 1st of April (avril in French) also observes April Fool’s Day, which is named poisson d’avril in French. The tradition is to stick a paper fish on people’s backs.


France observes the 1st of May (mai in French) as International Labor Day (la Fête du Travail) for labourers in France.


June (juin in French) is the sixth month of the Gregorian calendar, coming from the Latin word junius.

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July (juillet in July) is a very crucial month in France’s history. It is the anniversary of the storming of the Bastille on 14 July 1789, and a key date for the nation in its battle to overthrow the monarchy, marking its independence. 


August (août in French) is the hottest and often sometimes the stormiest month in France. Most French people take their vacation during this month.


September (septembre in French) marks the beginning of autumn and the end of vacation.


While it isn’t as popular in France as in English-speaking countries, October (octobre in French) is known for Halloween, which is celebrated on 31 October to remember the dead.


The 11th of November (novembre in French) observes Armistice Day (L’Armistice) in France, which is the anniversary of the end of World War I. 


December (décembre in French) is the Gregorian calendar’s 12th and last month. The month is famous for its great celebration of the year, Christmas (Noël). Primarily observed on the 25th, this annual festival celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ. 

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Months in French Quiz: Test Your Knowledge

Check your knowledge of months in French by answering the following questions. 

Q1 – True or False: janvier is pronounced as jahn-vee-ay. 

Q2 – Fill in the Blank: The French word for August is  _________.

Q3 – Match the following months in French with their correct meaning in English:

a) January1. février
b) February2. mars
c) March3. avril
d) April4. janvier

Q4 – True or False: In French, December is spelt as août. 

Answers: A1 – True, A2 – février, A3 – a): 4; b): 1; c): 2; d) 3, A4 – False

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Q.1 What are the 12 months in French?

Answer: Here are the 12 month in French:
1. janvier
2. février
3. mars
4. avril
5. mai
6. juin
7. juillet
8. août
9. septembre
10. octobre
11. novembre
12. decembre

Q.2 How do you say the word “months” in French?

Answer: The French word for months is mois.

Q.3 What is a French goodbye called?

Answer: The French word for goodbye is au revoir.

And we are done with the months in French. Explore Leverage Edu’s study abroad resources for more educative blogs on the French language daily. Ready, set, lingo!

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