Study Abroad: Increase in number of international students at UW-Eau Claire is a sign of its best-value education

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Study Abroad: Increase in number of international students at UW-Eau Claire is a sign of its best-value education
According to university administrators, there is rise in international students at UW-Eau Claire that is terrific.

Since pandemic this spring has seen growth in admissions for the first time. Over 225 international students were enrolled at UWEC this academic year.


They had fallen to 117 by the fall of 2020. Officials are glad that it appears as though more students are once again able to obtain visas to study in the United States, even though the number of students is still below the 288 students from the autumn of 2017 before the pandemic.

The campus is currently representing 38 nations among international students at UW-Eau Claire. Including China, Malaysia, Nepal, Korea, Japan, Nigeria, Serbia, Brazil, and a number of other nations.

There are 90 Chinese students at the university. Including 22 Malaysians, 17 Indians, 11 Koreans, and one or two students from many other countries.

What management has to say at UW-Eau Claire

Catherine Lee, manager of the Center for International Education at UWEC’s international student and scholar programme says it’s fantastic for the town and the university. The varied perspectives and experiences that international students bring are welcome. 

UW-Eau Claire

The university also has a programme called Host Friends that match prospective students with locals. Earlier homestays weren’t an option because of the pandemic.

To persuade students to continue their education here, the university currently has collaborations. These agreements with numerous universities worldwide, particularly ones in China will benefit both students and universities.

Colleen Marchwick, director of the Center for International Education at UW-Eau Claire anticipates that by the spring of 2024, the number of international students enrolled will have returned to pre-pandemic levels, however, it can be difficult to determine for sure.

However, the United States for the 2019–2020 academic year, enrolled 1,075,469 international students. As stated by the data from the National Center for Education Statistics. In 2020–2021, that number decreased to 914,095. Nevertheless, the total increased to 948,519 in 2021–2022.

There were 11,949 international students enrolled at Wisconsin in 2022. It is an increase of 4.5% from the previous year.

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