IELTS Listening Topic: Listening Task 38 (NOTE COMPLETION)

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IELTS Listening Topic: Listening Task 38 (NOTE COMPLETION)
IELTS Listening Topic: Listening Task 38 (NOTE COMPLETION)

In IELTS listening, a note completion question is a type of task where you are provided with a set of incomplete notes or sentences, and you have to listen to an audio recording and complete the missing information. This question type assesses your ability to listen for specific details and fill in the gaps accurately.

Complete the notes below

Write NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS for each answer.


Leader isCharles Owen
Prepared a(11) ……………………. for the trip
Total length of trip(12) …………………….
Climbed highest peak in(13) …………………….

Tips to Remember

  • Read the instructions very carefully as the number of words or numbers you should write might vary.
  • Predict what kinds of words or numbers are missing.
  • Pay attention to the way letters are pronounced. Names of people, streets, companies will be spelt letter by letter, but If you miss a piece of information, don’t panic. Stay focused and continue listening for the next piece of information.only once.
  • Watch out for distractors
  • Write your answers directly on the question paper. It’s important to write legibly and use abbreviations where appropriate to save time.

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