IELTS Listening Topic: Listening Task 33 (MAP LABELLING)

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IELTS Listening Topic: Listening Task 33 (MAP LABELLING)

In the IELTS Listening test, you’ll encounter visual representations like maps for answering questions based on audio information. While this task typically appears in Section 2, it may occur in any section.


During the map labelling section, you’ll listen to a monologue, often about tours, and must connect the audio information to empty map spaces. You may receive a word list to choose from or have to rely solely on your listening skills to answer.

Label the rooms on the map below

Choose your answers from the box below and write them next to questions 6-10.

CL – Computer Laboratory
DO – Director’s Office
L – Library
MH – Main Hall
S – Storeroom
SAR – Self Access Room
SCR – Student Common Room
SR – Staff Room

Tips to Remember

  • Carefully review the instructions because the wording and required actions can differ in this question type.
  • Examine the labels and title thoroughly. Gather as much information as possible from the existing labels and any words provided in the answer list, if applicable.
  • The answers will come in the same order in the recording as they are listed in the question.
  • Watch out for distractors
  • Guess if necessary

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