IELTS Daily Essay Topic: People should be unemployed rather than be employed in a job they do not enjoy.

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IELTS Daily Essay Topic: People should be unemployed rather than be employed in a job they do not enjoy.

Brainstorming Ideas

a) I do not agree that one must wait and remain unemployed until and unless they do not get a job that they enjoy.

b) Employment provides a sense of security and helps them with necessities of life such as food, shelter and healthcare.

c) If one remains unemployed it will cause poverty and is a major cause of people feeling worthless and sinking into depression.

d) A job helps in contributing to society and builds a sense of achievement for people which in turn helps in maintaining the overall well-being of a person.

e) While job satisfaction is important, it is never a reason to stay unemployed, and it provides people with a sense of purpose in life. 

Q. People should be unemployed rather than be employed in a job they do not enjoy. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Ans: The idea of staying unemployed rather than taking up a job that is not enjoyable is absurd. I disagree with this statement, as the pursuit of job satisfaction must not come at the expense of financial stability. 


Employment, irrespective of personal satisfaction, provides financial stability to people. Necessities of life such as food, shelter, and healthcare can be afforded only when there is a source of income. Employment also plays a crucial role in helping individuals plan their future through savings and investments for retirement and their children’s education. If a person is unemployed, it will lead to financial distress, and in extreme cases, it will be a major cause of poverty. Therefore, having a job that is not enjoyable is far better than having no job at all.

In addition to this, being employed is a major indicator of one’s self-worth and societal contribution. It helps create a structured routine, forms a platform for social interactions, and builds a sense of achievement in people. All of these factors play an important role in maintaining mental health and overall well-being. On the other hand, if one remains unemployed it builds a feeling of worthlessness and depression. As a consequence, an individual may experience social isolation since he would lack possible ways of interaction with others.

To conclude, while job satisfaction is important, it is never a reason to stay unemployed. Instead, one must seek employment to provide oneself with financial security and a sense of purpose in life. These aspects are more important to one’s well-being than choosing to stay unemployed and waiting for a pleasant opportunity.


Paraphrased Statement: The advancements in technology have revolutionised the way people access information and engage with historical places and artworks. Some people argue that public museums and art galleries have become obsolete as they can be seen through computer screens.

Thesis Statement:  I strongly disagree with this, as I feel that physical museums and art galleries have a stronger purpose in life. 

Body Paragraph 1-Topic Sentences: The main reason for this is that art galleries and museums provide immersive experiences that can never be replaced with a computer screen. Staying in the presence of a historical artefact helps people time travel to different eras and cultures. 

Body Paragraph 1- Supporting Reasons and Explanations:  The tangible experience that comes with having a direct connection with history and art in their direct scale and detail, is unbeatable. The ambience of these institutions fosters a deeper understanding and appreciation of cultural heritage. For example, a history lesson becomes more interesting and engaging when students have direct contact with artefacts of that era. In addition to these, museums and art galleries are essential for education as they offer direct interaction with the subject matter. They also play an important role in preserving cultural heritage.

Body Paragraph 2- Topic sentence: Moreover, many workshops, lectures and guided tours held in museums offer insights to the people from the perspective of experts, which further enhances the learning experience. They give platforms to artists and scholars to display their works and research. 

Body Paragraph 2- Supporting Reasons and Explanations: These places are also known to hold exhibitions, events, and community programs that build social interaction and community engagement. On the other hand, if one views art and historical objects through computer screens, it will devoid them of such things. Apart from that, not everyone has stable access to a computer or internet, especially in less developed regions. On-ground exposure to art and history ensures that everyone regardless of their social and economic status gets to share and learn about the cultural heritage. 

Conclusion: To conclude, although digital technology helps people view art and historical objects at their convenience, they can never replace the hands-on experience that one gets by physically going there. These institutions enrich people’s understanding of the past, enhance the present learnings and inspire future developments. That’s why I do not support the idea that technology will replace museums and art galleries.

Vocabulary in Use

AbsurdSomething that is extremely unreasonable, nonsensical, or inappropriate.
PursuitAn activity one spends time doing, or the act of following or chasing something.
DistressA feeling of extreme worry, sadness, or pain, or a situation of great danger needing urgent help.
Social isolationA state of having minimal contact with society, differing from loneliness which is a temporary lack of human contact.

Linkers and Connectors Used

Following are the Linkers and Connectors:

  1. Rather than
  2. As
  3. Irrespective of
  4. Only when
  5. Also
  6. If
  7. Therefore
  8. In addition to this
  9. All of these
  10. On the other hand.
  11. As a consequence
  12. To conclude
  13. While
  14. Instead

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