Top B-Schools Offering GMAT Waiver in 2023

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Top B-Schools Offering GMAT Waiver

Over the years, the landscape of education abroad has changed in terms of eligibility criteria. The full form of GMAT is the Graduate Management Admissions Test. This test is conducted for admissions in bachelor’s, master’s and professional courses. Many universities abroad accept the GMAT as a standardized test that checks the candidate’s analytical, writing, quantitative, verbal and reading skills. Recently, due to many changes in the abroad policies, many universities have made changes to their GMAT acceptance and even waived off its eligibility. In this blog, we have listed some of the top B-schools offering GMAT waiver in 2023.


5 Top B-Schools Offering GMAT Waiver

Be noted, that more than 2 thousand universities accept GMAT scores for their eligibility for professional courses. However, these are the top 5 b-schools that are offering GMAT waiver.

Boston University 

One of the top universities in the US is Boston University. It is a private university that was established in 1839. It was affiliated with AAU, AICUM, IAMSCU, and URA. Earlier, this university made the GMAT 

According to the latest reports, students who want to appear for admission to Boston University need not appear for the GMAT exam. It has been waived off for students with a GPA of more than 3.0/4.0 (More than 83-86%).

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Columbia Business School

Another top business school in the US is Columbia Business School. This school was founded in the year 1916. In 1945, Columbia Business School started providing an MBA degree, accepting GMAT scores. 

In 2023, according to the latest reports, this business school has candidates an option to appear for an executive assessment test in place of the GMAT. 

Colorado State University 

Colorado State University is a public research university that is established in Colorado. Many students prefer being admitted to this university because of its academic and educational background.

This university has waived off the acceptance of GMAT scores in replacement of the 8+ years of work experience of the applicants. 

New York Institute of Technology (NYIT)

New York Institute of Technology is a private research university that was founded in the year 1955. Since then, it has become one of the best universities for students who aim to take admission in their business courses. 

According to the latest reports, candidates who have a GPA more than 3.0/4.0 (More than 83-86%) are exempted from taking the exam. 

Hult Business School

Hult Business School is a private business school that has campuses around the world. Recently the eligibility for the GMAT has been waived off.

Other acceptance criteria are 5+ years of managerial work experience.

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1. What is the lowest GMAT score available for admissions?

The lowest score accepted across the world for admission to different schools is around 200. Most of the universities accept these scores. 

2. Is GMAT waived in 2023?

According to the reports, most of the universities in the USA in 2023 are now waiving GRE and GMAT scores as their eligibility criteria. 

3. What is the full form of GMAT?

The full form of GMAT is the Graduate Management Admissions Test. 

We hope that this extensive article on the same has helped in clearing some of your confusion related to the GMAT exam. If you’re planning to appear for the aptitude test and need further assistance, Leverage Edus experts can guide you on how to strategize better so that you can ace the test and soar towards your dream college!

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