Cost of Living in Zurich

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cost of living in zurich

Zurich is located in north-central Switzerland. It is the global center of banking and finance. Zurich is the home to various universities catering to almost 1,200 countries worldwide. This city is one of the most expensive cities in Europe and also in the world. But, if you have planned your expenses and have sufficient financial back-up then, it would be a great experience living in Zurich.

Apart from academic excellence, the city sits on the beautiful Lake Zurich and is surrounded by picturesque mountains that make it one of the most sought-after study destinations for international students. Explore this blog to get details about the cost of living in Zurich!


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Cost of Living in Zurich

Zurich is considered the major financial centre in the world and is ranked as the top financial hub. The city is home to various banks and financial institutions. Zurich is also famous for technological advancements and pharmaceutical industries.

The cost of living in Zurich for a single person is CHF 4,608 per month excluding house rent. In addition, a family of four requires CHF 7,658 per month without rent.

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Mentioned below are the expenses that students encounter while living in Zurich:

Accommodation Cost

Finding accommodation is the most difficult part of studying abroad. Being a student you can opt for student accommodation to manage the cost of living in Zurich. Here are some accommodation options and their rent on a monthly basis:

Type of Accommodation Rent
Monthly rent for 900 sqft fully furnished accommodation in an expensive areaCHF 4,113
Monthly rent for 480 sqft fully furnished studio in an expensive areaCHF 1,927
Monthly rent for 900 sqft fully furnished accommodation in normal areaCHF 2,952
Monthly rent for 480 sqft fully furnished studio in a normal areaCHF 1,626

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Transportation Cost

Mentioned below are the transportation costs in Zurich:

Mode of TransportCost
Volkswagen golf 1.4 tsi 150 cv (or equivalent)CHF 34,000
Monthly ticket public transportCHF 86
One-way ticket (local transport)CHF 4.24
Gasoline (litre)CHF 1.86
Taxi Trip (Basic Tariff)CHF 46

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Food Cost

Food is the main thing to consider while staying away from your home. To save some money students should either choose to eat in a University mess or make their own food. Eating outside in some fancy restaurants on a daily basis will create a great burden on your pocket.

Mentioned below are the cost of food items and cost of meals at restaurants:

Lunch including a drink (1 person)CHF 26
Chicken Breast (500 grams)CHF 14
Meal at restaurantCHF 16
Milk (1 litre)CHF 1.67
Local CheeseCHF 12
12 eggsCHF 9
Tomatoes (1 kg)CHF 3.53
Potatoes (1 kg)CHF 2.07
Onion (1 kg)CHF 2.22)
Apples (1 kg)CHF 3.82
Oranges (1 kg)CHF 3.07
Banana (1 kg)CHF 2.14
McMeal at McDonald’s CHF 15.43
CappuccinoCHF 5.44

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Utility Cost

You need to spend some amount of your monthly expenses on important utilities including internet bills, electricity bills, phone bills, etc. To manage the cost of living in Zurich you need to smartly plan your budget to save money and live comfortably in Zurich, Switzerland.

Given below are some utilities and their cost on a monthly basis:

Internet 8 Mbps (1 month)CHF 55
Microwave 800/900 wattCHF 115
40 inches flat screen televisionCHF 412
Cleaning help (hourly rate)CHF 34
Basic electricity, cooling, heating, garbage, and water bill for 85-meter square apartmentCHF 282.98
Monthly mobile phone billCHF 37.55
Internet bill (it includes 60 Mbps data and more, unlimited data, cable/ADSL)CHF 53.76

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Entertainment Cost

You will definitely seek some best restaurants, or top hangout spots near Zurich to spend your spare time and hang out with friends. It would be your source of entertainment in a foreign land.

Mentioned below are some entertainment costs in Zurich:

Dinner at restaurantCHF 63
Movie tickets for 2 personsCHF 38
Theatre tickets for 2 personsCHF 166
Gym Membership for a monthCHF 91

Personal Care

Medicine and items of personal care and their prices are given below:

Medicine for Cough and Cold (6 days)CHF 16
Visit to DoctorCHF 135
1 box of antibioticsCHF 24
1 box of tamponsCHF 7
Hair ShampooCHF 5.61
DeodorantCHF 4.58
ToothpasteCHF 3.16
4 rolls of Toilet paperCHF 3.75

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Cost of Studying in Zurich

Here is the list of Universities and their average fee structure:

Name of the UniversitiesFees
University of Zurich720 CHF to 1220 CHF
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich (ETH Zurich)1300 CHF
Zurich University of Arts1431.25 CHF
Zurich University of Applied Science1600 CHF
Kalaidos University of Applied Sciences 3750 CHF to 7500 CHF

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Q1. Is it expensive to live in Zurich?

A1. Zurich is considered one of the most expensive cities in Europe. But if you manage your expenses through smart budgeting then it would be easy for you to spend a comfortable stay in Zurich. Students can do part-time jobs to determine their expenses while studying in Zurich.

Q2. What is a good salary in Zurich?

A2. An individual needs to earn an average salary of 6220.38 Fr. to lead a comfortable life in Zurich.

Q3. How much does rent cost in Zurich?

A3. Students living in Zurich can find various types of accommodation in Zurich. A typical 4.5-room apartment costs CHF 3,000, and 2 room apartment costs CHF 1,700.

This was all about the Cost of Living in Zurich. If you have further queries or need assistance with your study abroad journey, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team of experts at Leverage Edu. We are here to ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience for you.

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