Cost of Living in Baltimore, Maryland: A Detailed Breakdown

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Cost of Living in Baltimore: A Guide

If you’re looking for an affordable city with a convenient location on the East Coast, then Baltimore in Maryland is a great place to live. The average cost of living in Baltimore is approximately $2099. It has well-reputed universities that hold good positions in the list of QS University World Rankings, including Johns Hopkins University (ranked 24th) and the University of Maryland (ranked 158th). Both of these universities are among the top universities in the world. 


Apart from education, the quality of life in Baltimore has been given a 93/100 score. This city is rich with historic sites, including the Inner Harbour, Fort McHenry, the Maryland Zoo in historic Druid Hill Park, and many more. Read this full article to learn more about the cost of living in Baltimore. Read the table below to get a quick summary of the cost for different aspects of your living needs in Baltimore. 

Cost of Living ParticularsCost of One Person 
Total with rent$2099
Rent & Utilities$1247
Monthly salary after tax$5202
Population $586K

Why Study in Baltimore?

There are many reasons to study in Baltimore; the following are just a few of them:

  • One of the most liberal places in America is Baltimore, where people of different backgrounds are valued and cherished. Immigrants make up about 10% of the city’s total population. The people and the diversity of the city are what give Charm City its true personality.  
  • The institutions in Baltimore have a high QS ranking in North America. The institutions are well-known internationally, have numerous facilities, knowledgeable teachers, and a sizable number of international students enrolled in both undergraduate and graduate programmes. 
  • Education in commerce, law, public affairs, and the applied arts and sciences is offered by institutions and universities in Baltimore. There are countless opportunities. This is a great spot to launch your career whether you want to become a doctor or a member of the healthcare industry. 

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Detailed Breakdown of Cost of Living in Baltimore

The cost of living in Baltimore varies depending on the way you live. Here is a detailed breakdown of the cost of living in Baltimore.

Cost of Food in Baltimore

The average cost of food in Baltimore is about $440 per month, which also goes with groceries.

Items Average Cost 
Basic lunchtime menu (including a drink) $15
Combo meal in fast food restaurant$9
500 gr (1 lb) of boneless chicken$5.81
Bread for 2 people for 1 day$2.90
500 gr (16 oz) of local cheese$5.58
12 eggs, large$4.65
1 liter (1 qt.) of whole-fat milk$1.02
McMeal at Mcdonald’s (or Equivalent Combo Meal)$10

Cost of Housing and Utilities

The average monthly rent for two-bedroom apartments in Baltimore is $1,823. Here are the other housing and utilities  costs mentioned below:

Items Average Cost 
Monthly rent for 85 m2 (900 sqft)$2,782
Utilities 1 month (heating, electricity, gas) for 2 people in an 85m2 flat$200
40” flat screen tv$238
Internet 8 Mbps (1 month)$84
Microwave 800/900 watt $187
Hourly rate for cleaning help$18 

Cost of Transportation in Baltimore

The average monthly cost of transportation in Baltimore is $198.78. Here are the other transportation costs mentioned below:

Items Average Cost 
Monthly ticket public transport$78
Taxi trip on a business day, basic tariff, 8 km. (5 miles)$21
1 liter (1/4 gallon) of gas$0.95
Monthly Pass (Regular Price)$75

Cost of Clothes in Baltimore

The cost of clothes in Baltimore depends on the brand; the average cost of one pair in Baltimore is $85.

Items Average Cost 
1 pair of jeans$42
1 summer dress in a high street store $30
1 pair of sports shoes$74
1 pair of men’s leather business shoes$119

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Cost of Personal Care in Baltimore

The average cost of personal care in Baltimore is around $100 per month. Here are the other personal care products costs mentioned below:

Items Average Cost 
Cold medicine for 6 days$7
Short visit to private doctor (15 minutes)$92
1 box of antibiotics (12 doses)$21
Hair shampoo 2-in-1 (400 ml)$3.82
Tube of toothpaste$2.29
4 rolls of toilet paper$3.47
Standard men’s haircut$22

Cost of Entertainment in Baltimore

The average monthly cost of entertainment in Baltimore is $250. This includes things like entertainment or other miscellaneous items.

Items Average Cost 
2 tickets to the movies$24
1 month of gym membership$66
A basic dinner out for two in a neighbourhood pub$49
1 cocktail drink in the downtown club$13

Tuition Fee at Universities in Baltimore

The average tuition fees for undergraduate courses at the universities in Baltimore are $9,506 for the residents of Maryland and $22,956 for out-of-state students.

Course Level Average Fee 
Tuition Fee$11,505 – $40,306
Book and Supplies $1,250 

Quick Facts To Know Before Moving To Baltimore

Here are a few of the facts that you need to know before moving to Baltimore.

  • Baltimore experiences 213 sunny days on average yearly.
  • The cost of living in Baltimore is less as compared to other cities in Maryland. 
  • The typical property price in Baltimore is $114,300.
  • The typical annual salary in Baltimore is $66,701.
  • 3.8% of Baltimore’s population works from home.
  • Baltimore has a variety of public transit choices, including buses, the subway, and light rail.

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Q.1 Is it expensive to live in Baltimore?

Answer: Baltimore has an 8% higher cost of living than the rest of the country. Any location’s cost of living might change depending on your career, the local average pay, and the real estate market.

Q.2 What are the advantages of living in Baltimore?

Answer: There are a lot of benefits to living in Baltimore; a few of them are mentioned below.
– Cultural diversity 
– Low cost of living
– Excellent Food 
– Well-developed community for international students

Q.3 How much salary do you need to live in Baltimore?

Answer: For a single person, you need around $31,759 in annual income after taxes, and the annual taxes are around $5,664.

This was all about the cost of living in Baltimore. Reach out to Leverage Edu for admission assistance if you are also planning to kick-start your abroad education at one of the top universities in Baltimore. 

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