Study in Canada: UoG International Undergraduate Entrance Scholarships Available to 1st Time Applicants

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The University of Guelph (UoG) is offering international undergraduate entrance scholarships to students. The scholarships are available to students entering post-secondary education for the 1st time, and registering for the 1st semester of a degree programme ( fall semester). The scholarship benefit is a tuition fee discount. Moreover, the amount is renewable annually.  The scholarship eligibility is based on the average score calculated during admission. Hence, a separate scholarship application is not necessary. The University of Guelph ranks =486 in the world. Hence, it is an excellent university to study in Canada.

Study in Canada: University of Guelph International Undergraduate Entrance Scholarships Available to Indian Students 

International Undergraduate Entrance Scholarships  Eligibility 

The University of Guelph  International Undergraduate Entrance Scholarships eligibility requirements are as follows:

  • Must be an international student enrolling in the university for the 1st time in an undergraduate program during the fall semester 
  • Additionally, you must demonstrate academic achievement. The reason is, that the scholarship amount is determined by the admission offer average calculated by the University’s admission services. Note- the averages of the students who have not been studying in a  Canadian secondary school curriculum are based on grading practises, and grading scale interpretation.
  • Moreover, you must apply for admission and ensure that you have submitted all documents as per the admission request.
  • Ensure registration of both (fall and winter semesters) in year 1, and pay the international student tuition and fees.
  • To be eligible for scholarship renewal you must secure an 80.0% or higher admission average. In such cases, you will receive a $4,000 award in years 2, 3 and 4 if all renewal criteria are met annually.

International Undergraduate Entrance Scholarships Benefits 

The benefits of the International Undergraduate Entrance Scholarship are as follows: Note:The scholarship renewability does not apply to the admission average of 75.0% – 79.9%.

Admission AverageCurrent Value for Fall 2024 (year 1)Annual Renewal Amount (years 2, 3 and 4)Overall 4 Year total
75.0% – 79.9%$5,500 (Year 1 only)Not EligibleN/A
80.0% – 84.9%$6,500$4,000$18,500
85.0% – 89.9%$7,500$4,000$19,500
90.0% – 94.9%$8,500$4,000$20,500
95.0% and greater$9,500$4,000$21,500

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