Study Abroad: Canada records 5,500 invitations and the CRS scores for Express Entry 2023 

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The CRS cut-off score for the most recent Express Entry was 507, a substantial rise from 491 in November.

Recently Canada staged its first Express Entry since November 23, 2022. The CRS cut-off score climbed significantly to 507 applications through Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada issued a record 5,500 ITAs in this round (IRCC). 


Additionally, many Express Entry candidates’ immigration procedures might be progress due to the sharp rise in the CRS cut-off scores. The most recent draw, which took place in November, has a 491 Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score, which is the lowest possible number. 

Why did the CRS cutoff increase again?

The fact that the most recent Express Entry lottery took place without a lapse of one and a half months is probably what caused the recent significant increase in the CRS cut-off score.

There were a lot increasingly invites in the Express Entry yank on Wednesday than there were in the lotteries from the previous year. 

There were 750 increasing invitations sent out over the undertow of the request on November 23, when 4,750 candidates in all were invited. The total number of ITAs for all programme draws in 2022, whence in July and running through the remainder of the year, was 35,750.

More changes will occur this year

In reality, some of the adjustments that will be made to the Express Entry in the future months were once put into place in the second part of 2022. In November 2023, IRCC implemented NOC 2021, an improved version of NOC 2016. 

The National Occupation Nomenclature (NOC) technique used by the Express Entry pool determines a candidate’s profession and level of skill. IRCC reverted its skill nomenclature system from 0-D level to one that takes education, experience, training, and responsibilities into worth (TEER). 

The new TEER system has modified the NOC 2016 skill levels 0-E, and five new TEERS have been created as a result. 16 spare professions are now eligible to wield for Express Entry-managed economic immigration programmes like the FSWP or CEC under NOC 2021, equal to a CIC news item.

It was possible for applicants who had previously submitted a profile to the IRCC Express Entry pool to unilaterally switch their NOCs to the new NOC 2021. They must update every position (employment) listed on their IRCC profile. The vendible continues that if they don’t comply, candidates won’t be qualified to get an Invitation to Wield (ITA).

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