Best Restaurants Near Brown University

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Best Restaurants Near Brown University

Brown University, founded in 1976 is a private, non-profit research university nestled in the vibrance of Providence, Rhode Island. It is known for its academic excellence through students’ creativity and curiosity. The university’s faculty and students aim to impact the world positively. It seeks to advance its mission through the community’s support to enhance knowledge and create impact globally and locally. Apart from being a hub for academic excellence and world-class faculty, it is also a paradise for culinary. The food here can prove to be bait for students, tourists and the local people as the area around Brown University presents a wide range of street food and fine-dining experience offering a diverse variety of food to every taste bud. In this blog, we will take you on a mouthwatering journey to some of the best restaurants near Brown University.


Exploring Culinary at Brown University

Brown University’s food eminence is a must-visit for everyone as it exceeds expectations. The area where the university is located is famous for its food offerings, allowing people to select from an array of options ranging from food trucks to clubs and fine dining for families. The city has a diverse culture which adds up to the food scenes representing a variety of national and international cuisines. Furthermore, the university aims to promote sustainability and collaborates with local chefs to showcase culinary art skills and enhance the destination for gastronomes. 

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Top Rated Restaurants Near Brown University

Some of the top-rated restaurants near Brown University are:

Den Den Korean Fried Chicken

If you are looking for a unique culinary experience and want to try Korean-style food, Den Den Korean Fried Chicken is a must-go. It is located close to the university serving crispy Korean chicken in flavorful sauces along with side dishes to create a delicious pairing. This place is perfect for an evening food craving with friends.

Best Restaurants Near Brown University
Image Source: Yelp


Your craving for Greek cuisine will look no further than Kleos. This is a fine-dining restaurant located 900 metres from Brown University offering classic Greek food with a modern touch. The ambience and warmth in the surroundings make it an ideal place for family dinner and makes it a place to remember.

Best Restaurants Near Brown University
Image Source: Yelp

Harry’s Bar and Burger

In the mood of eating a burger? Harry’s Bar and Burger is the right place for you. It is located near the university offering a variety of burgers including vegan and vegetarian options. Its classic vibe with extensive craft beers makes it popular among students and gastronomes.

Harry’s Bar and Burger Brown University
Image Source: Yelp


Los Andes

Tracking back to the authenticity of Peru and Bolivia, this place offers authentic food and is a must-visit place for all. Located within a short distance from Brown University, Los Andes is a vibrant restaurant serving flavourful food. The atmosphere and the interior are the cherry on top of the overall dining experience.

Top Restaurants Near Brown University
Image Source: Yelp

East Side Pockets

For a quick meal within the lunch break, East Side Pockets is a hidden gem located near Brown University. It offers fresh and delicious street-style food at affordable rates that make it the best choice among students. It is a perfect quick eat one-stop solution for lunch breaks and midnight cravings.

 Restaurants Near Brown University
Image Source: Yelp

Ivy Tavern

A perfect place to catch up with friends or family within a classic environment to enjoy meals, Ivy Tavern is an ideal place. This place offers comfortable classic food from burgers to proper meals with its own twist to satisfy your cravings.

Ivy Tavern Brown University
Image Source: Yelp

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Which is the coolest street near Brown University?

Thayer Street Providence, located in the heart of Brown University is the coolest street near Brown University.

Who were the founders of Brown University?

John Brown, Moses Brown, Morgan Edwards and James Mannings were the founders of Brown University.

Are Indian students allowed at Brown University?

Yes, Brown University welcomes students from across the world

This was all about the best restaurants near Brown University. For more such interesting and informative blogs, keep following Leverage Edu. If you are curious about how to study abroad at this university, then you can reach out to our experts!

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