Student Life in New Zealand

Student Life in New Zealand

New Zealand is a small island nation located in the Pacific Ocean, well known for its Rugby team, native Māori culture and wonderful wildlife. The country provides world-class education facilities, research opportunities, globally accredited programs along with a perfectly balanced and harmonic life. What else do you need in your dream study destination? Studying in New Zealand will also introduce you to an extremely welcoming and friendly society which is going to support you throughout your journey. A student’s life is way beyond in and out of the classroom. Wondering how is the student life in New Zealand? Read this blog to learn more about it!

Discover Life in New Zealand 

Almost equal in land area to the UK or Japan, New Zealand is known to be one of the most peaceful countries. Limited population in the country is a prominent reason why people are easily able to maintain a work-life balance in New Zealand. Being an international student, it will be easier for you to blend and settle in. You will witness a supportive environment at universities in New Zealand. The classroom size is reasonably small, promoting a more personal learning approach. 

Do you know?
New Zealand was the first country to establish
a Code of Practice for the care of international students! 

Getting Around

The daily commute is an important aspect of student life in New Zealand or be it any other country. Various transports through which you can travel in the cities or country are buses, cabs, trains and ferries. If you stay away from the university, your major movement would be around the institution only, for which the most affordable means of transportation would be buses. Apart from this, you can easily take a cab or rent a car on a monthly basis. While travelling from one city to another you can, you can enjoy the mesmerizing ferry rides and enjoy the picturesque view.  

Do not forget to enjoy the boogie board down sand dunes at 90-mile beach
To ride a boat or kayak to the beautiful Bay of Islands!

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Selecting the Right Accommodation  

It is good to sort accommodation before your arrival. University hostels is one common option available to all the students. Apart from that you have an option to stay at a hall of residence, rent a house with friends, or board in a homestay. Renting a house with friends is a rare thing for freshers, while the other two are common choices of many international students. Staying at a hall of residence is the most popular option as it allows you to interact with various students at once. You create friendships and bonds which help you throughout your educational journey. Universities in New Zealand provide accommodation support to international students by informing them about the best options to stay outside the campus in nearby areas.  

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Explore Events and Interact with People 

Cultural diversity can be seen at every nook and corner of cities in New Zealand. The most exciting part of your student life in New Zealand would be experiencing the diversity in terms of people, food, events, traditions and much more. A popular student event of New Zealand is SchoolFest which brings together the best theatre, dance, music, literature, visual and cultural arts from New Zealand and around the world. Universities also host cultural, sports and national events and workshops throughout the year. You will for sure be seeing quite a few Rugby matches as Kiwis are really passionate about it!

Did you know?
The All Blacks, national Rugby team of NZ, is famed for performing
a traditional Maori war dance called the Haka at the start of every international match. 

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Recreational Activities 

Taking some time out for leisure activities from your study schedule helps in rejuvenating. You can enjoy your weekend by trying out sports like skydiving, bungee jumping, jet boating, or you can spend a day in the lap of nature by hiking or cycling through the beautiful jungles. White sandy beaches, scenic lakes, snow-capped mountains, stunning fjords can be your weekend getaway spots.

The Waiheke Island in New Zealand awaits you with its finest wines!

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