Australia Transit Visa 2024- Check the Application Process, Eligibility, Documents etc

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Australia Transit Visa

To get an Australia transit visa the candidates must be outside the country, individuals must have confirmed air tickets with the correct documents to enter the country from Australia. Also, if the applicant is joining the crew then he or she should have a Maritime crew visa along with the required documents. To know more about the visa, such as the application process, eligibility criteria, documents required, cost, processing time, and allowances the applicants must check the below article.

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What is an Australia Transit Visa?

Individuals who are travelling to Australia only for transit purposes then they will require an Australia transit visa. The transit visa is also known as subclass 771 visa. Some countries do not require a permit but some require a permit such as India. The transit visa is valid for 72 hours. Individuals can apply for this visa online. 

Application Process

Candidates can apply for a transit visa in Australia in the following ways:

  • Candidates are required to create an ImmiAccount to make an application
  • Log in to the official website and fill in the required information
  • Upload the documents required
  • Submit the application fees with the application form

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Eligibility Criteria for Australia Transit Visa

Check below for eligibility criteria:

  • Individuals are required to leave Australia within 72 hours
  • Meet the necessary health and character requirements
  • Should have sufficient health insurance
  • Should have paid back all the debts to the Australian government 
  • If applicable the candidate should hold a maritime crew visa 
  • Australian values statement should be signed

Documents Required

Check below the documents required:

  • A valid passport or a travel document 
  • Confirmed flight tickets and proof of accommodation
  • Documents showing that the applicant will join the non-military ship
  • A valid permit to enter the country from Australia
  • Health certificate and Character certificate (if applicable)

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Allowances of Australia Transit Visa

The transit visa also known as subclass 771 visa allows an individual to:

  • Enter Australia and stay for only up to 72 hours
  • Enter Australia by air to join the crew of a non-military ship as a Maritime Crew Visa (subclass 988) holder.

Cost and Processing Time

90% of the visas are processed within 19 working days of applying. However, the processing time depends from country to country and it may also differ depending on several other factors. The Australian transit visa is free of cost. 

How to Check the Status of an Australia Transit Visa Application?

The candidates can check the status of their transit visa application in the following ways:

  • View the messages
  • Verify what additional information is required
  • Inform about any errors in the application
  • Update the personal information
  • Do not forget to update about any changes in the circumstances
  • Monitor the status of the application

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How long does it take to get an Australia transit visa?

Most applications for Australian transit visas are completed within 19 days of submission. This visa allows the individual to stay for 72 hours. 

What to do if an Australia transit visa gets rejected?

If the visa gets rejected, the candidates will have to apply for an appeal at the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT).

What is the cost of an Australia transit visa?

The visa is free of cost. To check all the information related to the Australia transit visa the candidates must download the transit application form 876. This form will give an idea about what is required for the application process.

We hope you now understand the Australia transit visa, the application process, the documents required, the processing time, and the validity period. Want to apply for a Visa for your study abroad journey? Drop us a comment in the section below, or you can connect with a visa expert at Leverage Edu, and we will guide you on your dream journey!

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