Indian Students Adding to the UK Economy

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Indian Students adding to the UK economy

Over 120,000 students belonging to India make up the student community in the UK for the year 2021-2022. In the last couple of years, the number of students opting for higher education in the UK is increasing constantly. The main reason behind this is that the UK has some of the top educational institutes in the world. These top universities have a long-standing culture of excellence. Let’s read this blog to know how are Indian students adding to the UK economy. 

Indian Students Adding to the UK Revenue 

Indian students are one of the major contributors to the UK economy. UK universities offer world-class degrees and academic standards that are difficult to beat in the entire world, thus attracting students for higher studies. Let’s see what are some of the other major reasons for contributing to the UK economy.

Enrolment in Universities 

In a single year, enrolment of students abroad in the UK contributes up to 28.8 billion pounds. 

One of the reports by the Higher Education Policy Institute named “The Costs and Benefits of International higher education students to the UK economy report” states that China remains the ruling country in terms of international students with 86,895 students enrolling in a year. 

India is the second with 18,305 students enrolling in the year. 

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Internship/Part-time Jobs

Indian students get many part-time job opportunities in the UK. Students can work 20 hours a week to meet expenses for studying abroad. Part-time jobs are available in various sectors such as Marketing, Health care, Accounting, Administration, retail, and so on. The part-time jobs along with internships taken up by the Indian students result in adding up to the UK economy. 

Post-study Work Opportunities

The UK post-study work visa policy has proven to be beneficial for students,  making the UK more appealing to Indian students. Students who have earned a degree in the UK are now permitted to reside in the nation for two years after graduation to work or look for jobs. Graduates with this visa are allowed to work at any level of skill and in any industry without having to apply for employer sponsorship. This allows Indian students to get worthy job experience abroad and also add to the economy.

Reasons Why Indians are Opting for Higher Studies in the UK

Several aspects make the United Kingdom an appealing abroad education destination for Indian students nowadays. Let’s look into some reasons in detail:

Quality of Education

UK colleges provide a diverse choice of UG and PG programs, attracting Indian students seeking quality education. Due to their highly skilled professors, research facilities,  and infrastructure, universities in the UK are well-equipped to give students the kind of skills they need to prosper in a competitive market. According to QS World Rankings 2023, the UK has four of the top ten institutes in the entire world namely the University of Cambridge, University of Oxford, Imperial College London, and UCL. The institutions in the United Kingdom focus on the growth of the students and their development for a prosperous career.


A degree from a UK college is widely acknowledged and recognized across the world, which might lead to excellent job opportunities. According to University UK Overseas (UUKi) study, 83% of international graduate students attribute their ability to find work to their UK degree. The advanced level of education and experience at UK institutions gives students a competitive advantage in the market.


Scholarships are available from the UK government and institutions for Indian students. These scholarships are meant to help students with tuition and living expenses.  According to UK government data, there are more than 200 scholarships worth millions of pounds available for Indian students. Popular scholarships on the list include the GREAT scholarships, British Council Women in STEM awards, Commonwealth Scholarships, and others.

In conclusion, the factors mentioned above continue to attract and pull Indian students to the UK resulting in an increasing economy of the country. This has led to a major boost in the UK economy.

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