What is the Full Form of PUC?

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PUC Full Form

The PUC full form is Pollution Under Control. All on-road vehicles, commercial as well as private, are required to have a PUC certificate to adhere to the Motor Vehicle Act. To obtain PUC certificates 2,3, and 4-wheeled automobiles undergo an emissions test. This certificate is provided as a government document that is offered by a licensed individual. With rising pollution levels and a surging number of automobiles on the road, governments have mandated a timely PUC test for all types of vehicles. 

Content of PUC Certificate

A PUC certificate for a commercial vehicle, motorbike, or car includes the following information:

  • The serial number of the certificate. The number is used to track the last pollution test of the vehicle.
  • PUC exam date
  • The validity date of the PUC test
  • Result of the PUC exam
  • Registration number of the vehicle

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Steps to Obtain PUC Certificate

Given below are the steps to get a PUC test for cars and motorcycles:

  • For a first-hand vehicle, the dealer arranges the PUC credentials.
  • After procuring the car/motorbike out of the showroom, the vehicle owner needs to take their/her/his automobile to a licensed gas station for PUC renewal.
  • The mechanic at the gas station examines the ejection tube to check the emission rate.
  • The vehicle owner needs to pay a certain amount after the examination to receive a PUC certificate. 

Advantages of PUC Test

Listed below are the benefits of a PUC Test:

  • It helps in reducing pollution and in environmental conservation.
  • It helps vehicle owners become responsive to the pollution levels of their cars/motorbikes, owing to which they are able to determine whether their automobile needs servicing or not.
  • It helps car/motorbike owners ascertain that they are law-abiding citizens of the country. 

Another Full Form of PUC

Another PUC full form is Pre-University Course, which refers to the 10+2 course. A PUC is ideal for students who have completed their Class 10 from a certified school or educational institution. A Pre-University Course refers to any senior secondary level course or intermediate-level course that usually lasts for two years. After successfully completing a PUC from education boards like CBSE, ICSE, IB, and state boards, students can apply for undergraduate programmes from some of the top universities in the world. Students can opt to study in Australia, the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Germany

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