10+ Best Online Construction Management Degree

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Looking for an online program to start your career in construction management degree? The blog article will give you an idea of how to kickstart your career in construction management. Let’s delve into the list of best online construction management degree colleges, required tuition fees, future career prospects and much more in the blog article below. 

You can become a leader in the construction industry by earning an online degree in construction management. It also applies to those who don’t merely desire to be construction managers. Additionally, it will prepare you for careers in construction engineering, civil engineering, and many other fields. In fact, graduates in construction management can pick from hundreds of different job options as well. 

List of Best Online Construction Management Degrees for Undergraduates

Students who are willing to pursue the program must be aware of the options available for them to study their desired program. There are around 7+ best colleges for online construction management degrees. Students can choose from the table given below. 

Institution Name Average Tuition Fee 
Worcester Polytechnic Institute$55,731
Clemson University$15,558
University of Washington$12,076
University of Minnesota-Twin Cities$15,254
University of Oklahoma$12,012
Florida International University$6,565
Rowan University$14,376
East Carolina University$7,297
University of Houston$9,699
National University$13,320
North Dakota State University$10,601
Western Carolina University$4,367
University of Southern Mississippi$9,204

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Online Construction Management Degree Undergraduate and Graduate Fees

Graduate plus undergraduate degree programs are available for candidates willing to pursue the course. The table below illustrates the average fees and names of institutions students can choose for the online construction management degree. Have a look at the table given below. 

Institution Name Average FeesCourse Duration
Everglades UniversityUnder graduation: $17,520 Graduation: $19,2004 years
Indiana State UniversityUnder graduation: $19,200 Graduation: $14,8144 years
National UniversityUnder graduation: $13,320 Graduation: $15,4804 years
Colorado State University-PuebloUnder graduation: $19,658 Graduation: $16,8034 years
Park UniversityUnder graduation: $7,999 Graduation: $6,0124 years

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Career Prospects After Online Construction Management Degree

There are a number of options available for students to opt for after completion of their online construction management degree. Students can go into related fields such as facilities management, planning engineering, project engineering etc.  A few career paths with their average salary packages are listed in the table given below for your convenience. 

Career Paths Average Salary
Construction Manager$97,180
Facilities Manager$98,890
Sustainability Consultant$68,100
Construction Cost Estimator$66,610
Building Inspector$62,860

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Admission Requirements for Online Construction Management Degree

We have mentioned below the requirements to obtain the online construction management degree. However, every institution has its own requirements, they may vary depending on the program and institution you are choosing. Find some common admission requirements for the program briefly listed below for your reference:

  • High school diploma or GED certificate
  • A completed application
  • ACT or SAT scores
  • Application fee
  • Minimum GPA (2.5 to 3.0 is common)
  • Appropriate computer equipment and software
  • Official transcripts from high school or previous college

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What is the difference between construction management and MBA? 

Construction management mainly focuses on the field of construction management including construction project management. On the other hand, MBA focuses on business management and a few aspects of construction management. 

What is the average pay one can receive after pursuing a construction management degree? 

The average pay one can receive after pursuing construction management is around $97,180. 

What are the career aspects one can pursue after completing their construction management? 

The career prospects one can pursue after completion of their construction career are facilities manager, construction cost estimator, and building inspector. 

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