10 Best Online Business Marketing Degrees to Apply Today

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online business marketing degree

An online business marketing degree is best for students who want to get into the marketing field. The degree would be relevant across industries, and students will learn several business-related competencies. Thus, enables the graduates to administer, and organize resources to attain marketing goals, understand consumer behaviour, support innovation, and provide information about business strategies. The average salary of a marketing analyst is approximately $65284 per year (USA). Those who obtain a marketing degree can work in similar careers. Fortunately, several universities are providing online business marketing degrees. In this blog, we have provided a list of the best online business marketing degrees that you can apply for. 

University Course 
University of South AustraliaBachelor of Business (Marketing)
Arizona State UniversityOnline Bachelor of Science in Marketing
Maryville University Online Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing
LSU Online Bachelor of Science in Marketing
LaTrobe UniversityBachelor of Business (Marketing)
Rutgers Business SchoolOnline Marketing Program
WGU Online Bachelor’s in Marketing
University of LondonBSc Marketing 
Pennsylvania State University Online Degree in Marketing
Falmouth UniversityBusiness & Marketing BSc(Hons) (Online)

How to Choose the Right Online Business Marketing Degree?

Here are some of the important things to keep in mind when choosing an online business marketing degree. Keeping this information in mind will help you to select the right career path for you.

  1. Cost of the online business marketing degree: One of the most important things to consider is the cost of the business marketing program. Generally, the cost of online programs is less compared to on-campus programs. However, this may not be true for all courses.
  2. Accreditation: Another important aspect to consider is university accreditation. Completing a degree from an accredited institution would have more value.
  3. Specializations: Those who are interested in a particular career can choose a specialization related to the field. For example, a concentration in social media/digital marketing can prepare a student for a career as an SEO strategist, or a social media strategist. 
  4. Internship: Internship is not provided by every marketing program. However, the ones that do improve the chances of the student to meet the job requirements.
  5. Professional Association:  If the university provides professional association opportunities for the student, it can be incredibly beneficial. For example, the American Marketing Association, IMA, and Insights Association.

10 Best Online Business Marketing Degrees

Universities around the world offer online business marketing degrees. Among them, we have shortlisted the best programs for a student. The credits, fee details, duration of the course, and other details are provided for your reference. 

University of South Australia Bachelor of Business (Marketing)

online business marketing degree
Credit: online.unisa.edu.au

The University of South Australia is providing one of the finest online business marketing degrees. The program is 100% online and can be completed at your own pace. Students can access the learning resources 24/7, log into interactive study environments anytime, and study from expert faculty, Fun fact: the business school of this university comes under the top 1% worldwide and is awarded five stars.

Course Type Full-time or part-time
Duration 3 years (s) full-time
SpecialisationSocial Media Engagement, Content creation for media, etc
FeesAUD$ 25,500 per annum

Website: https://online.unisa.edu.au/degrees/bachelor-of-business-marketing

ASU Online Bachelor of Science in Marketing

online business marketing degree
Credit: asuonline.asu.edu

Arizona State University provides a leading online business marketing degree. To be eligible for the course, the student must submit an SAT/ACT score, must have a high school ranking in the top 8%, and must have secured a GPA of 3.40. Those enrolling in the course can gain industry-specific skills and can specialize in different areas. For example, Market analysis, and pricing, among others. 

Course Type Online 
Credit hours120 credit hours
SpecialisationMarket analysis.Product and service development, advertising, and promotion management.


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Maryville University Online Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing

online business marketing degree
Credit: online.maryville.edu

Maryville University is offering a 100% online business marketing degree. The program does not require students to complete an entrance exam. Learners will get the opportunity to connect with business leaders and access a curriculum that has marketing and business as core subjects, and benefit from transfer-friendly admission. Internship opportunities are available, and eligible students can obtain financial assistance. 

Course Type Online 
Duration 4 years 

Website: https://online.maryville.edu/online-bachelors-degrees/marketing/

LSU Online Bachelor of Science in Marketing

online business marketing degree
Credit: online.lsu.edu

LSU offers one of the most affordable online business marketing degrees to students. Students can learn how the expert faculty and access world-class customer service. To be eligible for this course, students must submit ACT scores and must have obtained a GPA of at least 2.0  on a scale of 4.0. The program is suitable for students wanting to develop a career in brand management, marketing research, or retail management. 

Course Type Online 
Credit hours120 credit hours
SpecializationConsumer Analysis and Behavior, Marketing Research, etc
Fees$36,061 (.$301 per credit hour)

Website: https://online.lsu.edu/online-degree-programs/undergraduate/marketing/

LaTrobe University Bachelor of Business (Marketing)

online business marketing degree
Credit: atrobe.edu.au

Do you know that LaTrobe University ranks 242 in the world? (Qs World Ranking 2024). The online business marketing degree provided by the university is one of the best. The course will be held by academic staff with experience in online teaching. The course is flexible and can be completed online or on campus,. Regional study online support including work placement is available. Moreover, the student can access all regional campuses/events. 

Course Type Online 
Credit hoursNA 

Website: https://www.latrobe.edu.au/cmp/courses/online/major/marketing

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RBS Online Marketing Program

online business marketing degree
Credit: business.rutgers.edu

Rutgers Business School’s (RBS) online business marketing degree is offering an affordable marketing program. This course is fully AACSB accredited and is developed to cater to the pool of marketing experts. To be eligible for this program, a student must have completed AA/AS degree from an NJCC [New Jersey County College). Additionally, the student must have obtained a minimum of  60-65 transferable credits and a 3.0+ GPA. The course will develop solid foundational skills in marketing. 

Course Type Online 
Credit hoursNA
SpecializationAdvertising, Retail Marketing, etc

Website: https://www.latrobe.edu.au/cmp/courses/online/major/marketing

WGU Online Bachelor’s in Marketing

Credit: WGU

WGU is offering another good online business marketing degree. Most of the graduates who enroll in this course finish it within 39 months. The reason for this is that the university lets a student who already knows a topic move quickly in the material. The curriculum includes a topic such as marketing, business management, general education, and business core, among others. 

Course Type Online 
Duration39 Months
Fees$ 15,820

Website: https://www.wgu.edu/online-business-degrees/marketing-bachelors-program.html

University of London BSc Marketing 

online business marketing degree
Credit: Coursera.

The University of London is offering BSc in Marketing via Coursera. The program is 100% online, taught in English, and can be covered within 36 – 72 months. Students can learn from the international experts at the t Royal Holloway School of Business and Management School, and develop interpersonal and leadership skills. Moreover, learners will get the opportunity to connect with academic scholars, business experts, industry professionals, and alumni. 

Course Type Online 
Duration36 – 72 months.

Website: https://www.coursera.org/degrees/bsc-marketing-london

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Online Degree in Marketing from Penn State

online business marketing degree

The Pennsylvania State University provides online business marketing degrees to students. This degree is AACSB–accredited and offers in-depth knowledge of developing strategic marketing plans for an organization. The course has 120 credits and is suitable for beginners. Interested students must apply online before 15th March 2024. The course details will be available in the online sessions conducted by the university throughout January.

Course Type Online 
Credit hours120 credit hours


Falmouth University Business & Marketing BSc(Hons) (Online)

online business marketing degree
Credit: .falmouth.ac.uk

Falmouth University is offering a Business and Marketing BSc (Hons)course online. The degree can be completed within 2-3 years full-time( UCAS code: N192) or part-time. Students will be able to develop leadership skills and have opportunities to build their professional network. The course is accredited by the  Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM). The course can be completed by a student anytime, anywhere.

Course Type Full time and part time
Duration2 years / 3 years


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Which degree is best for online business?

One of the best degrees for an online business is a Master of Business Administration (MBA). Another good option is a Master of Science (MS) in business online. 

Can I study marketing online?

Yes. It is possible to study marketing online. Several courses are available with academic accreditation. The online marketing degrees can be completed at the comfort of your home. 

What degree do you need for online marketing?

The degree needed for online marketing is a bachelor’s degree. BA in related subjects such as digital media, marketing, communications, English, etc can be useful.

Hope this blog provides you with all the important details, for more information about such courses, visit our online courses page.

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