11+ Tamil Proverbs With Meanings

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Tamil Proverbs with English Meanings

Tamil Proverbs With English Meanings: Tamil is the language that is mostly spoken in India but its proverbs are useful all over the world.  However, proverbs in the Tamil language are harder to understand by the people of other countries so understanding of their English meanings is required. They are made out of the experiences that Tamil people get in their lives and passed it to the next generation. The proverbs explain the Tamil culture how it is different from the other and what it teaches us. In the blog, we will discuss some of the Tamil proverbs along with their meanings which will help you improve your English communication skills.

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List of Tamil Proverbs With Meanings

Tamil proverbs with English meanings make it easier for the people to understand them. English is a global language that is spoken in most of the countries. The Tamil proverbs are motivational phrases that are used in writing to give a learning lesson to the people. Here, is a list of Tamil proverbs with English meanings that will help you learn something new.

Tamil ProverbsMeaning in English
A guest who visits often is uncalled forThe guest who comes every day or stays for a long time becomes a nuisance for people. 
As one discharged a camphor arrow at a burning mountainThe useless little things are sometimes of no use when added to a bigger thing. Likewise, an arrow of camphor will not have any effect on the fire at a burning mountain. 
A hungry is an angry manA common proverb that explains if somebody is kept away from food for a long time then he will become angry. 
Self-help is the best helpThe valuable truth about self-help is that one should solve their problems first with strength and confidence as it is the best help.
When Fortune smiles embrace her.Good luck and fortune do not always come in life so it is important to make the best use of it.

5+ Tamil Proverbs With English Meanings

The Tamil proverbs in English grammar are made out of the experiences gained by the people in the older times. They passed these precious motivational phrases from one generation to the other. The Tamil people used to speak these proverbs to explain to others about the good and bad things. Here, are some of the Tamil proverbs with meanings that will help motivate you to do good things in life.

The Face is The Index of The Mind

The proverb explains that what goes in the mind will be expressed through the face. Emotions and feelings can be conveyed through the face. Sometimes, people try to hide their emotions by hiding them but they get recognized due to the change in the expressions.

Look Before You Leap

Always look at the dangers and possibilities that you are going to face in your path before walking on it. It is important to consider the consequences before moving forward in any work. One must think and research before making any big decision in life. Everybody should think properly before making any decision. 

A Bad Workman Blames His Tools

A bad workman blames his tools when things do not get right instead of accepting his mistake. However, a good workman always respects his tools as they are the ones who are giving them the money to earn. It is the skill of the worker that how better he knows the work and uses his tools. 

The Bow Will Break If it is Bent More

Continuously doing some work for a long time without taking any breaks can lead to stress and burnout. Therefore, it is important to take breaks after some time to avoid stress and do the work properly. Similarly, if we bend the bow more than its limit then it will break down. So, it is important to push things up to their limit and going beyond them can lead to problems.

Speech is Silver, Silence is Golden

The Tamil proverb explains the importance of silence as it is considered to be more precious than speech. Speech helps in communicating effectively as well as expressing our views and ideas to others. However, silence is more precious as it helps you avoid speaking bad words and listening to good things that others are saying. 

God Helps the Poor

The Tamil proverb explains that it is the God who helps the poor. Poor people do not have anybody with them during the bad times but it is the god who helps them in different ways. God gives the poor the confidence and inner strength to fight with their conditions. Additionally, he gives them the feeling of satisfaction even if they don’t have enough money.

Great Engines Turn On Small Pivots

The proverb emphasizes the importance of the small things. A small effort can make a significant improvement in the company’s success. A minor improvement in the right direction can make a huge contribution to the work. The small details cannot be overlooked when you are making the machine. 

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