9+ Proverbs on Time for School Students You must know!

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Proverbs on time for school students: Proverbs are short, catchy lessons one can relate to in different phases of life. To elaborate, these are wise sayings that have been around for a long time, often passed from generation to generation as guidance for youths. They usually give advice or express a truth about life in a way that is easy to remember. In this blog, we have presented you some of the best proverbs on time management for students.

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List of 10 Proverbs on Time for School Students 

Proverbs are the saying that teaches you life lessons. So, it must be inculcated in the school education syllabus. Some of those proverbs for time for students with their meanings and examples are mentioned below for your reference:-

Time and Tide Wait for No Man

Meaning: Time keeps moving forward, regardless of what we do. We can not slow down, stop, or rewind time. This part shows that we should make the most of the time that we have because it is a finite resource and precious.

time and tide wait for no man
Example: Even the fittest athletes cannot outrun age. Time and tide wait for no man, and everyone experiences the effects of time passing.

Time has Wings

Meaning: This phrase is a metaphor which means time passes quickly. It is been compared to the passage of time to a bird with wings, which can fly by swiftly and often unnoticed.

Example: “We only have a few weeks left to finish the project. Time has wings, so let’s get started!”

Any Time Means No Time

Meaning: The saying “Any time means no time” is a proverb which means someone’s offer of help or an invitation to get together anytime is not a sincere invitation. It is more likely a polite way to decline without directly saying no. If you do not fix time for an assignment, it won’t get done.

any time means no time-proverbs on time for school students
Example: You can say, “Let’s put a date on the calendar. ‘Anytime’ means no time, and I want to catch up.”

Procrastination is the Thief of Time.

Meaning: The proverbs mean that if you continually delay doing them or put things off, you will eventually run out of time to complete them properly. It shows the importance of managing your time effectively and avoiding the negative consequences of procrastination.

proverbs on time for school students
Example: Bhoomika had an assignment due on Wednesday. “I have plenty of time,” she thought, scrolling through social media. Sunday arrived, and with a growing sense of panic, Bhoomika realized she had not written a word. Procrastination stole her time, and now she faces a sleepless night and likely bad marks.

Time is Money

Meaning: This proverb shows that a person’s time is valuable and should be used efficiently, especially in a work context. It reflects that wasting time is like wasting money. Time is valuable.

Example: All she ever taught me was, “Time is money.” There has to be more to life than that.

Never is a Long Time

Meaning: When they say never, you stretch the time to infinity in future, which is a very, very long time. 

Example: “Amit said he’d never speak to his brother again after their fight. But never is a long time, and a year later, a simple gift broke the ice.”

A Watched Pot Never Boils

Meaning: If you wait for something to happen and if that’s your sole focus, it’ll seem to take a long time.

Example: Waiting for a pan of water to boil while cooking pasta, and constantly checking on it to see if it’s boiling yet.

There is a Time and Place for Everything

Meaning: This proverb means that certain actions, behaviours, or topics are more suitable in some situations than in others. It indicates the importance of good judgment in navigating and social cues in different scenarios.

Example: There is a time and a place for everything, but there are better times or places to eat with your fingers than this formal dinner.

Work Expands to Fill the Available Time

Meaning: If we have more time at hand, we’ll take longer to finish the same work by working more leisurely

Example: The number of meetings tends to expand to fill available meeting time.

Man Fears Time, but Time Fears Pyramids

Meaning: People come and go. Longest-living creatures come and go. But time remains. Time, however, doesn’t seem to beat pyramids, which have endured millenniums. This proverb reflects our veneration and mysticism for pyramids.

Example: The Djoser Step Pyramid was constructed more than 4,500 years ago and is still strong. That’s why we say man fears time, but time fears pyramids.

Time Works Wonders

Meaning: The passage of time can bring about positive changes, personal growth, and achievement in life. It suggests that even in difficult situations, with patience and perseverance, things can improve. Many problems are resolved or become less severe with time.

proverbs on time for school students
Example: Ria thought she would never move on. However, with time, she found herself gradually healing and realizing that time works wonders in mending a broken heart.

Proverb on Time for School Students – Exercise

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Q1. What are proverbs?

Proverbs are short, well-known sayings that express a truth or offer life advice. They are often metaphorical and easy to remember.

Q2. Why are proverbs still relevant today?

Even though proverbs are often old, the life lessons they teach are timeless. They offer guidance on important things like hard work, honesty, and perseverance.

Q3. How can you learn more about proverbs?

There are many resources available online and in libraries that explore proverbs from different cultures. You can also look at collections of proverbs or books that explain their meaning and origin.

We hope this blog has provided you with all the necessary information on proverbs on time for school students! To advance your grammar knowledge and read more informative blogs, check out our Learn English page and don’t forget to follow Leverage Edu.

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