On Cloud Nine Meaning, Synonym, Examples

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on cloud nine meaning

The meaning of the idiom on cloud nine is to be extremely happy and blissful. When a phrase contains a number, such as the entire nine yards, at sixes and sevens, and so on, attempts to find its origin usually centre on the significance of the number. ‘On cloud nine’ is no different.

One of the common sayings is that the term is derived from Buddhism, and Cloud Nine is one of the phases of a Bodhisattva’s (one destined to become a Buddha) journey to enlightenment.

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Usage with Examples

“On cloud nine” can be used in a variety of scenarios. It’s frequently used to express joy and happiness.

It is a psychological feeling of pride and elation that feels like the pinnacle of existence, high above glorious snowy mountains in the sky.

If you win a marathon, are a hero who saves the day, get into a school like Princeton University, or solve a particularly tough arithmetic series, you can feel like you’re on cloud nine.

Mentioned below are some examples where you can use the idiom on Cloud Nine:

  • She’s been on cloud nine ever since she got married.
  • I felt I was on cloud nine when he told me that he loved me.
  • My mother felt on cloud nine when I scored the highest marks in the class.

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Synonyms and Similar Words to On Cloud Nine

Mentioned below are some synonyms and related words to Cloud Nine:

  • Overjoyed
  • Thrilled
  • Euphoric
  • Bliss
  • Elation
  • Delighted

On Cloud Nine Meaning Quiz

I was on cloud nine when I heard that

  1. Her mother was no more.
  2. School is reopening soon.
  3. She broke her leg.

Ans. School is reopening soon

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