Love is Blind Idiom Meaning, Usage With Example, Synonyms

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Love is blind

Love is blind idiom means when someone is in love with another person and overlooks each other’s faults, negative aspects, or flaws. They are so mad in love that they ignore the person’s imperfections, mostly because of the strong emotional connections they have with them. 

Love can cloud a person’s judgments and perceptions, making them unable to see reality when it comes to the person they love. This phase can be used to describe a person’s attachment to someone, where they are ignoring everything around them.

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Usage With Example

Love is blind idiom is mostly used to describe a situation where people are infatuated or deeply in love, making them take decisions that may not be in their best interest or are not rational. This idiom serves as a warning to be cautious when someone falls in love, as loving someone blindly may prevent someone from recognizing red flags or potential issues.

Here are some examples of this idiom that will allow you to use this phrase in an appropriate way.

  • ‘Manisha is so in love with Jack that she overlooks all his bad habits and temper tantrums. Love is blind and she believes he can change.’
  • Despite all the warnings from her friends, Priya has fallen in love with Rachit’ Her love is so blind that she agrees with everything he asks for.’
  • Rachel is in love with a guy who has a completely different set of values and career objectives, but her love is so blind that she is even willing to change her goals for him.’
  • Joana couldn’t see how toxic her relationship had become as her love was blind to her partner’s manipulative behavior.

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Love is Blind Idiom Syonyms and Similar Words

Love is blind idiom has a lot of similar words and phrases that can be used in different situations. Here are some of the common synonyms for this phrase.

  • Emotional Cheating
  • Immature Love
  • Malicious Jealousy
  • Puppy love
  • Impatient love

Love is Blind Idiom Quiz

Love is blind as we saw how Jonathan and Samantha were close to each other and

  1. Neglected each other’s mistakes
  2. Had a long-distance relationship
  3. They were planning to get married

Ans. Neglected each other’s mistakes

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