Adverb of Bad: Meaning, Synonyms, Pictures & Examples

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The adverb bad is termed as “badly.” The word “badly” is used to describe how an action is performed or how a situation unfolds, emphasizing the negative aspect or quality. Some common synonyms of the adverb bas are poorly, improperly, ineffectively, wrongly etc. Continue reading the blog post below and uncover more about the adverb bad. 

What is the Type of Adverb for Bad?

There are multiple categories of adverbs, however, the adverb of bad falls under the category of Adverb of Manner. For example, She felt bad about forgetting her friend’s birthday. 

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10+ Synonyms for Adverb Bad

Some common synonyms of the word bad are listed below: 

  1. Poorly
  2. Ineffectively
  3. Improperly
  4. Inappropriately
  5. Wrongly
  6. Awfully
  7. Inadequately
  8. Faultily
  9. Unluckily
  10. Unfavorably
  11. Unpleasantly
  12. Terribly
  13. Amateurishly
  14. Unsuitably

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Picture of Adverb Bard

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Adverb for bad

Examples of Badly

Let’s have a look at the following example sentences using of adverb bad: 

  1. The car’s engine was running badly, indicating a need for immediate maintenance.
  2. The news was delivered so badly that it caused unnecessary panic among the employees.
  3. She performed badly in the singing competition and didn’t make it to the finals.
  4. The comedian’s joke landed badly with the audience, resulting in awkward silence.
  5. She sang so badly at the talent show that it became an unforgettable moment.
  6. The athlete performed badly in the final match, disappointing his fans.
  7. She played the piano badly during the recital.

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Quiz for Bad

Pick the correct word synonym of the adverb “bad” from the options given below below: 

  • Poorly
  • Ineffectively
  • Merrily

Answer: Poorly & Ineffectively

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This was all about the Averbs Bad with its numerous synonyms, examples, pictures and quizzes. I hope you understood the usage of the word. To read more antonym blogs, follow Leverage Edu.

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