‘Than’ Conjunction Examples with Comparison

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‘Than’ Conjunction Examples

‘Than’ is indeed a conjunction. In English grammar, it is used to compare two or more things. Some often-used words with which ‘than’ is placed are: bigger, fewer, less, older, and younger. For example, it would be bigger than, fewer than, and so forth. Also, it is an example of a subordinating conjunction. This blog article below will teach you how to use ‘than in a sentence with some basic examples. 

17+ Examples of ‘Than’ as a Conjunction

Let’s have a look at some examples of using ‘than’ as a conjunction, and see how it is executed in the given sentences below:

  • My sister is more loyal than my brother.
  • She is smarter than his classmates.
  • He prefers tea than coffee.
  • This monitor is lighter than that one.
  • Running is more refreshing than jogging.
  • He would rather read a book than watch TV.
  • He is more talented than her sister.
  • She would rather study than play PlayStation.
  • This dress is more comfortable than that one.
  • He would rather go for a walk than sit at home.
  • He sings better than her sister.
  • She likes summers more than winters.
  • He is more patient than I was.
  • She prefers cooking at home than eating out.
  • She is happier than he was before.
  • He is taller than his father.
  • He’d rather be early than late.
  • She works harder than anyone else in the office.
  • He is more adventurous than her friends
  • She is more skilful than her friend.

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Picture Example of ‘Than’ Usage

‘Than’ Vs. ‘Then’ Comparison

‘Than’ and ‘then’ are two words that have similar pronunciations but have different meanings and spellings. Students often juggle between these two words. The below given table comparison will help in resolving all the doubts regarding the same.

Differences‘Than’ is a conjunctionThen is an adverb
FunctionIt is used to compare two thingsIt indicates what will happen next In a show, movie, or series.
IndicatesIt denotes contrast, comparison, seniorityIt indicates the result or the consequences.
ExampleFor Example: He is taller than his elder sibling.For Example: They went to the store and went to watch a show.

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Mention one difference between ‘than’ and ‘then’.

‘Than’ is a conjunction whereas ‘then’ is an adverb.

Give 5 words with whom ‘than’ as a conjunction is used.

Here are five words with which ‘than’ is used bigger, fewer, Taller, older, and better.

What is the example of ‘than’?

As stated above, ‘than’ is used to make a comparison. Such as “He likes cake better than pie.”

This was all about the ‘than’ conjunction examples and their usage in English grammar. Hope you understand the concept and know how to proceed. You can also follow the Learn English page of Leverage Edu for more exciting and informative blogs.

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