6 Idioms to Express Anger That You Should Know!

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idioms for anger

In the vast spectrum of human emotions, few are as powerful and complex as anger. From the gentlest soul to the fiercest warrior, anger can manifest in everyone, shaping actions, thoughts, and relationships in profound ways. Often misunderstood and frequently mismanaged, anger has the potential to both ignite and destroy, leaving a trail of consequences in its wake. So, mentioned below are a few idioms for anger that you can use to express your emotions in a better way.

I’m Seeing Red

If you see red, you suddenly become very angry.

Example: I’m seeing red when I think about how my friend betrayed me.

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Have a Short Fuse

To have a tendency to become angry very quickly.

Example: His girlfriend is known to have a short fuse.

Fit To Be Tied

Fit to be tied is said when someone is extremely furious and enraged.

Example: My mom was fit to be tied when she saw the mess I had made in the kitchen.

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I Am Boiling

The idiom “I’m boiling” is used to describe someone who is extremely angry.

Example: I’m boiling with frustration after my computer crashed again.

Hot Under The Caller

Hot under the callers means to be angry or embarrassed about something.

Example: When I suggested he was mistaken he got rather hot under the collar.

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Bristle With Rage

To suddenly become very annoyed or offended at what somebody says or does.

Example: Her lies made him bristle with rage.

These were all the idioms for anger. To read more about idioms you can check our page at Leverage Edu.

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