11+ Noun Clause Examples For Your Understanding!

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Noun clauses might sound like the word nerd brother of Santa Clause, however, it’s more than that. To define it in a better way, a noun clause is a dependent clause which acts as a noun. If you are a grammar nazi, you might know that this clause can be used as a direct object, indirect object, subject complement, appositive, object of a preposition and much more. Interestingly, these clauses are more like subordinate clauses in English grammar. To learn more about noun clause examples, keep reading this blog post for more information.

What is a Noun Clause?

Noun Clauses are more like subordinate clauses which function as nouns. They have a subject and a verb. However, unlike a regular clause, they do not express a proper thought. These clauses usually begin with words like ‘why’, ‘what’, ‘when’, ‘who’, ‘how’ or ‘that’ which can be used to provide information about a noun in the sentence. 

Noun clauses are used to offer additional information about a subject, idea, or object in a sentence. They can also be used to ask questions or make statements. 

Here are some examples of noun clauses to give you a better understanding. 

Noun Clause Examples

11+ Common Noun Clause Examples

Here are some common noun clause examples which will help you get an idea about this topic:

  • How they met
  • Who they are
  • Why they are here
  • When they will arrive
  • What she said
  • That he is leaving
  • She doesn’t know where to go. 
  • Her greatest fear is that she will fail.
  • The problem is what to do next. 
  • I believe that she will come back.
  • The way she arrived early surprised everyone.

Real-Life Examples of Noun Clauses

Here are some real-life examples of noun clauses which will give a better idea:

  • Light knows when you are looking at it.
  • It is a light thing for whoever keeps his foot outside trouble to advise and counsel him who suffers.
  • My relationships are between me and whomever I’m with, not between me and the world.
  • Liberty means responsibility. That is why most men dread it. 
  • She mentioned that she would be late.
  • Whichever cake you choose will be a hit in the market.
  • The fact that she is talented is undeniable.
  • I hope whoever finds my phone will return it to me timely.

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How to identify a noun clause in a sentence?

To check if a sentence has a noun clause, check if there is a noun and a verb. Then analyse if it plays any of the functions of a noun. 

What words are included in a noun clause?

Words like if, what, how, when, whatever, whether, which, who, whoever are some common words which are included in noun clauses.

What is a noun clause?

Noun clauses are those words which include a subject and a verb. The subject can be a noun, phrase, or pronoun. While the verb can be any tense. 

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