As – as a conjunction: Check Meaning, Usage, & Examples

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‘As’ – as a conjunction usually functions as a correlative after an adverb or adjective. It can also be used in different forms such as comparison, cause, reason, time, manner, and proportion or Degree. We will take you through its implementation within a sentence in English grammar, and where you can use it.

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What is ‘As’ as a conjunction?

‘As’ in the role of conjunction helps us to connect words, phrases and clauses within a sentence. Therefore, it is similar to cause and effect, or time relationship. 

For example:

  • He sings as beautifully as a nightingale.
  • She failed the exam as he didn’t study.
  • They arrived just as the sun was setting.
As as a conjunction examples

Usage of ‘As’ as a Conjunction with Examples

The conjunction ‘as’ is quite adaptable and serves various functions, primarily indicating comparison, cause and effect. Below are some of the ways where students can use ‘as’ in a sentence.

  • Comparison: It is used to compare two similar things.

Example: He runs as fast as a cheetah.

  • Cause and effects: It shows the cause and effects of a relationship between two clauses.

Example: She couldn’t sleep, as she had too much coffee before bedtime.

  • Time: It is used to specify time in the relationship

Example: As she was leaving the house, the mailman arrived.

  • Manner: It can be used to indicate how something happens

Examples: He completed the task as instructed.

  • Purpose: It indicates the purpose behind the action

Example: She attended the conference as a representative of his company.

  • Concession: It indicates a clause that contrasts with the main clause.

Example: As difficult as the task was, he refused to give up.

  • Simultaneous Action: It shows two actions that take place at the same time

Examples: As she was reading, she was writing

  • Proposition: It indicates a ratio and proposition between two quantities.

Examples: As the temperature rises, so does the demand for pastries.

Practise Exercise 

Instruction: Rewrite the following sentences using ‘as’ as a conjunction

  1. Although he was tired, he still managed to work hard.
  2. Despite the rain, we decided to have a picnic.
  3. Even though the series was long, they stayed to have a picnic.
  4. Although it was expensive, he bought the suit.
  5. Despite the traffic, we arrived on time.


  1. As he’s tired, he still manages to work hard.
  2. As it was raining, we decided to have a picnic.
  3. As the series was long, they stayed until the end.
  4. As it was expensive, he bought the suit.
  5. As there was traffic, we arrived on time.

Instruction: Choose the appropriate use of ‘as’ in each sentence.

1. He ran________ fast _________ he could to catch the bus.

  1. As b) like

2. She can’t play hockey today __________ he hurt his ankle.

  1. Like b) as

3. ___________ the sun sets; the temperature drops

  1. As b) like

4. She sings ___________ well _____________ a professional

  1. As b) like

5. _______________ the conference progress, we’ll discuss each point in detail.

  1. As b) like


  1. a) as
  2. b) as
  3. a) as
  4. b) like
  5. a) as

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Can ‘As’ be used as a conjunction?

Yes, ‘As’ is a conjunction and an adverb, it is used before a clause, another adverb or a clause beginning with a preposition. Example: He enjoys all kinds of music, as I do. 

What is the example of like as a conjunction?

Like is used in place of subordinating conjunction as, or as if. Example: We look like they have been having fun.

Can a sentence start with ‘As’?

Yes, a sentence can start with ‘As’. Doing so is when ‘As’ is being used as a conjunction and a preposition.

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