9+ Antonyms of Quickly, with Meanings & Example

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Antonyms of Quickly

The antonyms of the word “quickly” are slowly, inactive, unhurried and several others. The antonym of this word is when something is happening slowly or when someone is working slowly. While the word’s meaning is very obvious. It means when something is happening very quickly. To know more about the antonyms of quickly and meaning, continue reading the blog article below.

Meaning of Quickly

The word ‘quickly’ is an adverb which means when something is happening quickly and with no delay. It can also refer to someone who is able to learn things quickly.

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Antonyms of Quickly

Here is a list of antonyms of the word ‘quickly’ which can be used in place of this word:

  • Slowly
  • Inactive
  • Unhurried
  • Eventually
  • Later
  • Tardily
  • Sliggishly
  • Easy
  • Bit by Bit
  • Gently
  • In slow motion

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Usage with Examples

Here are some of the examples which can be used with the above-mentioned antonyms.

  • Please eat your food slowly.
  • He has a very easy manner.
  • Gently pat your skin dry.
  • I am responding tardily to your letter of last month.

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Antonyms of Quickly Quiz

Check out a small quiz on the antonym of ‘quickly’ which will test your knowledge on the same. 

Choose the correct antonym for the word ‘quickly’.

Question 1: What is the antonym of promptly?

(a) tardily

(b) punctually

(c) expeditiously

Question 2: What is the antonym of hastily?

(a) hurriedly

(b) deliberately

(c) rashly


  1. Punctually
  2. Rashly

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This was all about the “antonyms of quickly” with meaning and examples. Hopefully, you understood the usage of the word. To read more antonym blogs, follow Leverage Edu.

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