9+ Antonyms of Initial, with Meaning & Examples

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When we use the word “initial” describes something that is first, starting, or occurring at the beginning of a sequence, process, or period. Some common antonyms of initial are final, ongoing, lastly, concluding etc.

Meaning of Initial

“Initial” as an adjective refers to something that is first or comes at the beginning of a sequence or process. It indicates the starting point or the first stage of something. In most cases, “initial” is used as an adjective to describe the beginning or starting point of something.

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Antonyms of Initial

Some common antonyms of initial are mentioned below:

  1. Final
  2. Ongoing
  3. Later
  4. Ultimately
  5. Latest
  6. Ultimate
  7. Lastly
  8. Intermediate
  9. Concluding
  10. Later-stage
  11. Subsequent

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Usage with Examples

The antonyms of “initial,” which refers to the beginning or first stage of something, can vary depending on the context. Here are some potential antonyms based on different meanings and contexts of “initial”:

  • After completing the initial draft of the report, they began working on the final version.
  • The initial training program is followed by ongoing professional development.
  • She learned about the project’s details later, not during the initial discussion.
  • After the initial preparation, they moved on to the intermediate phase of the project.
  • The initial focus was on marketing, and the secondary aspect was product development.

Antonyms of Initial Quiz

Pick the correct antonym for initial from the options given below:

  • Ultimate
  • Options
  • Choices

Answer: Ultimate

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