9+ Antonyms of Luscious, with Meaning & Examples

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Luscious Antonyms

Antonyms of “luscious” describe things that are not appealing to the senses or lack the richness and pleasure associated with “luscious.” Some common antonyms of luscious are bland, austere, tasteless, bitter, stale etc.

Meaning of Luscious

“Luscious” is an adjective used to describe something that is richly appealing to the senses, particularly the sense of taste and sometimes touch. It suggests that the object or experience is highly pleasurable, often because it is delicious, juicy, or voluptuously sweet. “Luscious” can be used to describe food, fruit, wine, or anything that evokes a strong and enjoyable sensory experience.

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Antonyms of Luscious

Antonyms represent qualities that are the opposite of the rich, pleasurable, and appealing sensations associated with “luscious.”Here are some antonyms listed below:

  1. Dry
  2. Bland
  3. Stale
  4. Dull
  5. Unappetizing
  6. Unsavoury
  7. Bitter
  8. Unpalatable
  9. Distasteful

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Usage with Examples

Here are some antonyms along with sentence examples:

  • The plain rice was rather bland without any seasoning.
  • The tasteless salad lacked dressing and flavor.
  • The austere meal consisted of simple, unadorned dishes.
  • The unappetizing appearance of the dish discouraged many from trying it.
  • The dull, overcooked steak left much to be desired in terms of flavor.

Antonyms of Luscious Quiz

Pick the correct antonym from below given options:

  • Boastful
  • Ugly
  • Stale

Answer: Stale

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